Best answer: How big are Indian meal moths?

Adult: The adult Indian meal moth is a small insect with a wingspread of about 3/4 of an inch. The patterned, front wings of the resting adult lie flat along the length of the body.

How big are meal moths?

What do Pantry Moths Look Like? While they do look like clothes moths, there are some distinctive features that make pantry moths stand out. With a wingspan of 5/8-inch, they really are rather small. Their wings have a pale greyish tint and some outer wings are more reddish brown.

What attracts Indian meal moths?

Adult Indianmeal moths are chiefly night flyers, becoming most active at dusk. They are attracted to light, and can be attracted to TV’s. During the day, Indianmeal moths prefer to rest on walls, ceilings, boxes, and in poorly lighted areas.

Do Indian meal moths eat coffee?

While Indian Meal Moths will almost always start an eating rampage in your grain section, it is not uncommon for them to move to dried fruits, nuts, coffee beans and even candy and chocolate.

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