Best answer: How does Indian pipe obtain energy?

Instead of relying on green plant photosynthesis, this species utilizes a vast network of roots and associated mycorrhizal fungi to gain nutrients and energy products from the roots of surrounding living plants (thus functioning as an epiparasite). … It has no leaves (which is logical since it does not photosynthesize).

Is Indian pipe non green plant?

The India pipe is often mistaken for a fungus, while some call it the “ghost plant” due to its white appearance. This is because the Indian pipe lacks chlorophyll pigments, which gives plants their green colour. The Indian pipe is non-photosynthetic as it lacks genes required for photosynthesis.

Is Indian pipe and insectivorous plant?

The types of heterotrophic plants include: … Saprophytic plants obtain their nutrition from dead and decaying animal or plant matter. E.g. – Indian Pipe and Coral root. Insectivorous plants mostly obtain their nutrition by trapping and consuming animals, particularly insects.

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