Best answer: Which state is known as Boston of India?

The City of Ahmedabad, the former capital of the state of Gujarat, is also famously known as the Boston of India. Ahmedabad stands as a hub to many progressive ideologies of commerce, communication, population and infrastructure.

Which city is known as the Boston of the East?

the city which is called the Boston of the east is Baroda in Gujarat.

Which town of Gujarat is known as the town of education?

A rising centre of education, information technology and scientific industries, Ahmedabad remains the cultural and commercial heart of Gujarat, and much of western India. Since 2000, the city has been transformed through the construction of skyscrapers, shopping malls and multiplexes.

Which City is known as Black City?

Black City, Baku.

Which city is called cotton city of India?

Mumbai is called the cotton polis because it was the home of textile mills in England. Mumbai due to its high humidity was ideal for setting up cotton textile mills and at one time there were 130 textile mills in Bombay.

Which city is known as cotton City?

The city of Manchester, England, well known as the world’s first industrial city, is known by the name of “Cottonopolis” and in the nineteenth century, it was the home of the cotton industry in Britain. It was also famous as “Cotton City”.

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