Can I use Hotstar India subscription work in Canada?

Yes, you can stream Hotstar in Canada, however “Hotstar India,” which is known to have a much more comprehensive content library, is not available in Canada.

Can I use Hotstar subscription outside India?

For now, Hotstar is only available in three countries. These include India, Canada, and the US. While you can access Hotstar in the US and Canada, what you’ll see is a toned down version of the service with very little content compared to its Indian version.

How can I watch Hotstar India for free in Canada?

You can watch Hotstar for free in Canada with a VPN. Only Indian Hotstar offers a free version, so you can use a VPN, connect to an Indian server, and watch Hotstar for free in Canada.

Does Hotstar India subscription work in USA?

Does Hotstar India Subscription Work in USA? No, Indian Hotstar subscription will not work in USA because of the geo-restrictions. If you want to use a Hotstar India subscription, then you will have to use a VPN and connect to an Indian server.

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Can I use Hotstar subscription be shared?

According to the reports and data provided by the company, around 5 devices can use Hotstar on a single account. … Although Hotstar does not have any special subscription plan for multiple screening like Netflix, still people can log-in from multiple devices from the same ID.

How can I watch Hotstar free outside India?

Here’s how to watch Hotstar online outside India:

  1. Download and install a VPN that works with Hotstar. …
  2. Open your VPN and pick a server in India.
  3. Clear your browser cache and cookies to remove location information from previous sessions.
  4. Open Hotstar and stream your favorite content from any country in the world.

Which free VPN is best for Hotstar?

The Best Free VPNs for Hotstar (Updated 2021)

  • ExpressVPN.
  • CyberGhost.
  • Windscribe.
  • TunnelBear.
  • ProtonVPN.
  • Speedify.
  • VPNBook.

How can I watch Hotstar in Canada for free?

Luckily, there is a workaround that lets you watch Hotstar in Canada. By using a VPN, you can bypass any geo-block and watch Hotstar in Canada with ease. This method will work on your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. With a VPN, you can change your IP address and unblock Hotstar from anywhere in the world.

How can I watch Hotstar in Canada?

Can I Watch Hotstar in Canada, Yes Here is What You Need to Know [2021]

  1. Connect your VPN to a server in India.
  2. Login to your Hotstar India account.
  3. Select a show and start watching!

How much does Hotstar cost in Canada?

Plans for Canada Users

Monthly Subscription – Monthly plan costs C$ 12.99 per month and gives full access to free as well as premium content. Hotstar USA and Canada don’t have separate VIP membership or sports package for its subscribers. This plan includes sports, movies, premium TV shows, and news channels.

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How can I watch Hotstar without subscription?

To watch Hotstar premium for free with Airtel TV, tap on the Explore Premium button at the middle bottom. Search and open any Hotstar premium show, movie, drama, or sports you want to stream. Once you open any Channel or show it will be redirected to Hotstar App. You now have full access to Hotstar Premium for free.

How much is Hotstar monthly?

Disney+ Hotstar: List of All Plans in India

Pack Name Price Benefits
Disney+ Hotstar (No Subscription) Free Live news channels
Disney+ Hotstar Premium Subscription Rs 299 per month or Rs 1499 per year All regional language movies
All latest Hollywood movies
Multiplex movies on up to 4 devices

Is Hotstar for free?

Yes, the Hotstar app is free on all platforms, including Android.

How can I share my Hotstar subscription?

To give access to your Hotstar account to your friend or family members, you have to share your login credentials along with your password.

How many people can VIP Hotstar?

At a time, only 1 device can use Hotstar VIP and up to 2 devices can use Hotstar Premium account. If you want to use your account on more than one device simultaneously, then Hotstar VIP is not supported, go for the Premium plan instead.

How many devices can use Hotstar?

Disney+ Hotstar Superusers will get access to 2 devices with video quality restricted in HD. The most basic plan will be priced at Rs 499 and will be restricted to 1 mobile device. Disney+ Hotstar will thus give its users the benefit to access all content starting from Rs 499.

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