Do we need to carry old Indian passport while Travelling?

They recommend carrying old passports with you – but it is not mandatory. After renewing my passport, I never carried the old expired passport and I was never asked anywhere (I travelled to India, US and to Canada with ONLY the new passport) for the expired passport.

Do I need to carry all my old passport while Travelling?

Every new passport issued to the traveler contains the details of the last passport you held. … Travelers must carry their old passports while traveling, as it can be demanded by immigration authorities of their own country as well as of the destination country.

Do we need to keep old passport in India?

Your expired Passport is a mandate document for your visa application: … If the used visa of that country is in a previous passport, a copy of the previous passport, visa and entry record is required. If the previous passport is not available (e.g. old passports have been lost/destroyed etc.)

Do I need to carry my Cancelled Indian passport?

Upon successful surrender of Indian passport, the passport should carry a stamp indicating, cancelled due to acquiring foreign nationality. Passport holders whose passports have a stamp that only indicates, cancelled, are not renounced of their Indian citizenship and may face penalties.

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Do you need to carry old passport with OCI?

Overview. The Embassy of India in Washington, D.C. recently issued a statement that the requirement of carrying both old and new passports for Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) cardholders whose cards bear their old passport number is no longer in effect.

Can I travel with OCI with new passport?

In order to facilitate travel of the OCI Card holders to/from India during this interval between issue of new passport and online final acknowledgement of their documents, there will be no restriction on their travel to /from India.

Can I carry 2 passports?

Dual or multiple citizenship is legal in Canada. However, it may not be legal in the other country or countries where you hold citizenship.

What happens to old passport when you reissue India?

In case of passport reissue, the new passport will be released while the old passport will be cancelled and returned. However, any of the active visas on the old passport will still be valid and can be used till expiry of the particular visa.

What happens if you don’t surrender Indian passport?

If you do not have proof of Renunciation (either a Renunciation Certificate or Cancelled Stamp due to acquisition of Foreign Nationality), you will have to apply for the same before you can get your Visa / OCI card application sent to the Consulate.

What are the disadvantages of OCI card?

The OCI card benefits refer to the rights you gain, like working, living, and entering India as many times as you want. One of the major drawbacks is that you must surrender your Indian passport as India doesn’t accept dual citizenship. Still, this is a chance for Indians living and working abroad.

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How do I change OCI to new passport?

Applicants are required to fill miscellaneous application form online for transfer of OCI ‘U’ Visa from old passport to new passport and have to submit the printed application along with copy of old and new passport and copy of OCI booklet.

Is OCI valid for lifetime?

Under the provisions of the OCI card, which gives the cardholder lifelong visa to India, those below 20 years and above 50 years need to renew their OCI card every time they have their passport renewed. … “For all practical purposes, OCI card is not a multipurpose life-long visa, as it has been billed by the government.