Frequent question: How can I safeguard my property in India?

How can I protect my NRI property in India?

Tenancy Precautions: There must be proper care taken before having a tenant to the property. The owner can go through a proper verification with a sound agreement mentioning the provisions of renewal and termination of the agreement. The police registration can be done to protect the property.

How do I protect my property from illegal possession?

Firstly, you should file a written complaint with the city’s superintendent of police (SP), where the property is located. In case the SP fails to acknowledge the complaint, a personal complaint in the court concerned can be filed. You could also file a police complaint about the same.

How to protect land in India?

How plot owners can prevent encroachment

  1. Keep all your property documents safe.
  2. Ask your neighbours, if there are any in the vicinity, to keep an eye on the plot.
  3. In case of encroachment, report it immediately to the police.
  4. Hire a local lawyer to keep an eye on the property and manage it.

What would you do if someone occupies your land in India?

Inform the local authorities –revenue department etc. File a complaint with Police Authorities. File a complaint in the court. Negotiations also help in case the opponent has occupied the land inadvertently.

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Can NRIs buy property in India?

NRIs can buy all sorts of immovable properties in India other than agricultural land, farm house and plantation property. To acquire agricultural land/plantation property/farm house in India, they have to get approval from the RBI and the government.

Do NRI pay property tax in India?

When an NRI sells property, the buyer is liable to deduct TDS @ 20%. In case the property has been sold before 2 years(reduced from the date of purchase) a TDS of 30% shall be applicable.

What is possession in law of property?

Possession is a legal concept that has two components which are essential: • a person must have control of the thing. • a person must have an intention to possess the thing. In order to possess a thing, it is important that both elements are evident or possession of a thing will generally fail.

Can I claim land after 12 years?

The Limitation Act of 1980 provides that no action shall be brought by any person to recover any land after the expiration of twelve (12) years from the date on which the right of action accrued to him. The right of action shall be treated as having accrued on the date of dispossession or discontinuance.

How do I get back possession of my property?

The easiest way to take control and restore possession of your property under the law is going to the court and seeking justice. Civil court remedies are easily available where personal appearances required in the court can be maintained through competent and chosen agents/ lawyers.

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How do you safeguard land?

Land protection methods:

  1. Conservation easements;
  2. Land donations;
  3. Acquire land for resale with restrictions added;
  4. Purchase or bargain sale;
  5. Life estates;
  6. Donations of land or conservation easements by will.

How can I protect my land?

How do I protect my land?

  1. Donate your land (now or in your will) to a state agency, local government, land trust, or conservation organization that is qualified to accept or acquire your land for conservation purposes.
  2. Sell your land at full price or at a bargain to a qualified organization.

How do you stop encroachment?

Solutions to encroachment:

  1. Legal approach: One can always take the legal route to get an injunction order or eviction notice from the court to do away with the illicit possession of your property. …
  2. Out of court settlement: Legal assistance is not only expensive but also time taking.