Frequent question: How does the poet describe India?

The poet describes the Indian seasons vividly in a simple form. The sumer season starts with intense heat. It is like a bright flame or fire.

How does the poet poetry the positive side of India in the poem The Song of India?

He wonders whether he should glorify the mighty Himalayas or the abundance of seas around it. He also thinks of the rich cultural heritage and the history of the land and hopes to sing a song about the advancements of the country.

How does the poet describe the spring season?

The poet describes the spring season as pretty, short and sweet. The line ‘when you can smell the grass from your garden seat’ tells us that the garden is fresh. ‘You’ refers to ‘the person who owns the garden’.

What is that the poet wants to sing?

What is it that the poet wants to sing? Ans. The poet wants to sing those songs which will infuse life even into the dead and will inspire people to come under the same umbrage of love and eradicate the bitterness and hatred from their hearts.

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Why is the poet querulous?

Answer: Because, the poet wants to sing about the beauty of the country but mother does not agree. So the poet was querulous.

Why does the poet angry or querulous with Mother India?

Answer: ‘Querulous’ means ‘complaining’. The poet is peeved that he cannot sing a song of the glory of his Motherland since the Mother objects to each subject of praise considered by the poet. … In this splendour, the Mother offers the vision of the future to the poet.

What does the poet describe here?

in this poem the poet is describing about the way he see the nature. he says that the river ,the mountains and all other things present in front of him attracts him very much. he describes his love for the nature.

How does the poet portray the positive side of India?

The poet was answered by a wonderful vision. A vision of new and bright future. In the vision he saw the mother (motherland) rise gloriously against the blue sky. The three milky – white oceans, ie., the Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, rose and fell with steady powerful motions.

How does the poet describes the garden?

ANS- The poet describes the garden in the day light and at night. … ANS- The foliage is compared to a sea because it appears as vast and endless like a sea but unlike a sea which has an unvarying shade of green throughout, the foliage in her garden has different exciting and contrasting shade of green.

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Why does the poet say the spring is pretty answer?

Why does the poet say the ‘Spring Is pretty’? Answer: The spring is pretty because we can smell the freshness of grass from our garden.

How does the poet describe the classroom walls?

The poet describes the classroom walls as pale and dirty.

They are adorned with Shakespeare’s donated image, a scene depicting dome houses. The walls also have a world map and beautiful valleys that stand in sharp contrast to the dingy, dreary and gloomy environment in which these slum kids live.