Frequent question: Which is Indian national book?

We also wrote a national book called the Constitution of India, which contains all the ideas and rules that keep our country working. This is the most important book in our country. It starts with the Preamble, which is the introduction. The Preamble is the soul of the Constitution.

Who established National Book Trust?

Why Gita is not a religious book?

The Deoband (seminary) and others also said that Gita is not a religious book. It is knowledge, science; it is curiosity, it is solution, Gita is life,” Sharma said. “Gita contains the dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. … “He was overjoyed to have got such wealth of knowledge from the Vedas,” he said.

How do I publish with National Book Trust?

Applications are accepted by the Trust in the prescribed application form (Annexure II), accompanied by the complete manuscript/book (including the rough artwork/transparencies) and a letter of recommendation from a person who is either a Dean of Faculty or a professor in a university in the subject to which the …

How can I get free books in India?

There are few other websites where you can find books to read online for free.

  1. ManyBooks.
  2. Open Library.
  3. Kobo.
  4. National Digital Library of India.

Is Bhagavad Gita non religious book?

Hitting out at those who are opposing BJP government’s move to introduce Bhagavad Gita in school curriculum in the state, Haryana Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma on Wednesday said the scripture is not a religious book and that its teachings will be part of moral education.

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