Frequent question: Why is IIIT Delhi Expensive?

The reason why the fees is high is because IIITD is a self-sustained and has a government lease, which it has to repay. … Therefore, being self sustained and having to fund construction, maintenance, equipment and salaries are fees naturally is high.

Is IIIT Delhi Expensive?

After increment of fees in IITS and IIITS it becomes very hard for normal people to pay the fees . Even after rubbing their back since last two years still they have to pay such a huge amount for next four years.

What is fees of IIIT Delhi?


PARTICULAR Category Tuition Fee AY 2020-21
Ph.D. Sponsored 115000
B.Tech. 2019 B.Tech. DASA Students $8000+ 15000 Rs
B.Tech. 2018 B.Tech. DASA Students $8000+ 15000 Rs
B.Tech. 2017 B.Tech. DASA Students $8000+ 15000 Rs

Is there any fee waiver in IIIT Delhi?

Fee Waiver | IIIT-Delhi.

B. Tech. Fee Waiver.

Criteria % Fee Waiver
Parents are in the Below Poverty Line Category 100
Gross Income of parents in service is up to Rs.6.0 Lakh p.a. (Rs 3.60 Lakh p.a. for those having business income) and last school fee paid is less than Rs.0.45 Lakh p.a. 50
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Is IIIT Delhi better than IIT?

In terms of faculty, IIITD fares much better than NIT-T. The research is top notch and comparable to the IITs. … IIITD has a very intensive academic routine, and the overall personality development takes a back seat. There are much more extra-curricular activities and clubs at NIT.

Can I get loan for IIIT Delhi?

The students of the Institute can avail education loan from State Bank of India under its “SBI Scholar Loan Scheme”. … Link to SBI website for prevailing interest rates: Click here.

Can I get scholarship in IIIT Delhi?

Any Delhi students whose JEE rank is less than 2000 will be given a scholarship of Rs 1.25 lacs / year (which can be adjusted against the fees) for the entire duration of their BTech at IIIT-Delhi, provided they maintain a CGPA of 8.5 or above.

Fee Waiver/Scholarship for B. Tech 2016-2017.

Criteria % Fee Waiver
Parents are in the Below Poverty Line Category 100

Is IIIT Delhi private?

IIITD is an autonomous Institute of Government of NCT Delhi, much like IITs are autonomous Institutes of Govt. of India. There is no role of any private body in the governance of IIITD, and there is no mention of words like “PPP”, “Private”, or “Partnerships” in the Act or the Statutes.

Can I get IIIT Delhi with 95 percentile?

As you can see, you need to be in the 95th percentile (OBC rank 13000) to get into the college of your choice. …

Can I get admission in IIIT without jee?

IIIT Hyderabad is offering direct admission in B. Tech ECE & B. Tech CSE courses without the requirement of JEE Main percentile or score. The admission is offered through IIIT Hyderabad’s Special Channel of Admission (SPEC).

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Is IIIT government or private?

IIIT Hyderabad, IIIT Bhubaneswar and IIIT Bangalore are private institutions. The. IIIT here stands for International Institute of Information Technology and not Indian Institute of Information Technology like all another IIITs which are government institutions.

Which is the best IIIT in India?

The list of top 20 IIITs of India is provided below for the sake of students:

  1. IIIT Allahabad. This one among the top 20 IIITs of India was established in 1999 as a centre of excellence in Information Technology and allied areas. …
  2. IIIT Chittoor. …
  3. IIIT Guwahati. …
  4. IIIT Vadodara. …
  5. IIIT Kota. …
  6. IIIT Srirangam. …
  7. IIIT Kalyani. …
  8. IIIT Lucknow.

How many semesters are there in IIIT?

There is one HSS course every semester, for a total of eight courses.


Sem I
Number CS110
Course Name Computer Programming Lab
T 1