Has or have after India?

Both are correct. However, it is ideal to use ‘has’ than ‘have’. Theoretically, at the time of using collective nouns, the Subject-Verb Agreement rule dictates which verb to use. Generally, the verb follows a collective noun is singular in nature.

Which one is correct India has or India have?

In the English language , the correct use of grammar and correct arrangement of words is important to get a grammatically correct sentence . India has won the match. The correct option is ” has ” , to make up a correct sentence .

Has or have after a country?

When talking about a national sports term, rather than a country, it’s not unusual (in British English, at least), to use the plural. This is because a team is regarded as a group of people, whereas a country is not (companies also tend to use the plural; see also here). So: India have 11 players on the pitch.

Do we say a country has or have?

Usually, I’ve been using “has” for countries (treating it as one entity). As others note, the United States is almost always used as a singular. The United Nations would be a very similar example: I’ve never heard someone say “The United Nations are …”, it’s always “is”.

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Is Indian singular or plural?

The plural form of Indian is Indians.

Who won or won?

With the reference of today, should I use “simple past” or “present perfect” tense? “Won” is more likely, but “has won” could be correct in a suitable context.

Which is correct the team has or the team have?

Both are used. It depends on whether you view the team as a unit (it has; usually, American English usage) or as individuals within the unit (they have; usually, British English usage).

Is it none of us are or none of us is?

Janet: “None of us is doing great.” “None” is a contraction of “not one.” It’s singular. The verb is singular.

Can we use it for country?

Senior Member. Usually a country is an it, though there are exceptions every once in a while. Sometimes people refer to a country as a she to give it an element of importance and personality.

Can we use who for countries?

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as far as the usage of who or that where countries are concerned in those Google listings, but I would use countries who when there is an indirect reference to the people of that country and countries that in every other case.

What is a plural of baby?

noun. ba·​by | ˈbā-bē plural babies.