How can I register my Indian company in Nepal?

Can Indian Register company in Nepal?

Of course any Indian citizens can open a new company in Nepal. They can do their business as easily as they do in India. India is the source of foreign investment of Nepal. …

How much does it cost to register a company in Nepal?

7. Government fee:

S.N. Amount of Authorized Capital (in NPR) Registration fee ( in NPR)
1. Up to 1,00,00,000 15,000
2. 1,00,00,001 to 10,00,00,000 40,000
3. 10,00,00,001 to 20,00,00,000 70,000
4. 20,00,00,001 to 30,00,00,000 1,00,000

How can I register my foreign company in Nepal?

Documents required to register branch company in Nepal:

Certified copy of the Board resolution of foreign company to establish branch in Nepal. Power of Attorney. Notarized copy of passport of the directors of foreign company. Passport or citizenship copy of local representative in Nepal.

Can Indians buy Nepal land?

After the 1860 treaty with the East India Company, Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal allowed Indians to purchase and sell land in Nepal’s Terai. … The King of Nepal enacted the Citizenship Act of 1952 that allowed Indians to emigrate to Nepal and acquire Nepalese citizenship.

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What is the best business to start in Nepal?

Weblink Nepal will offer a list of small business ideas in Nepal with low investment, which will easily make your living up to the market.

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Travel Agency.
  • Online Shopping / E-Commerce.
  • Online bakery Shop/ Online Cake Delivery.
  • Blogging.
  • Vlogging.
  • YouTube Channel.
  • Videography.

How long Indian can stay in Nepal?

As an Indian visiting the country, you can stay in Nepal indefinitely for any length of time. Even though you do not require Nepal visa for Indians, you should keep it in mind to register yourself with the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu after 6 months of stay.

What is the fees for company registration?

Government fees for company registration

Nominal share capital Registration fees
Rs 10,00,000 to Rs 50,00,000 Rs 2000. Rs.200 will be added for every increase of Rs. 10,000 of nominal share capital.
Rs 50,00,000 to Rs one crore Rs 1,56,000. Rs.100 will be added for every increase of Rs. 10,000 of nominal share capital.

Can I start a business without registering it?

It is entirely legal to operate as a sole proprietorship without registering your company. … You can’t legally use any business name until you have registered it as an officially recognized business entity, both with your local state authorities and with the Internal Revenue Service.

How can I get pan in Nepal?

Here’s what you have to do to get your PAN in Nepal:

  1. First of all, go to the website of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and look for the ‘Services’ tab and click on the ‘Tax-Payer Portal’ link.
  2. Then, on the left-hand side, under the ‘Online E-services’ section, click on the ‘Registration (PAN, VAT, EXCISE)’ tab.
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Can I register a company online?

Some states allow you to register online, and some states make you file paper documents in person or through the mail. Most states require you to register with the Secretary of State’s office, a Business Bureau, or a Business Agency.

How can I open office in Nepal?

Branch Office Registration of a Foreign Company in Nepal

  1. The Registration of branch office of a foreign company in Nepal is governed by the Companies Act 2006 (2063) (“Companies Act”) . …
  2. If the amount of proposed investment is not fixed: …
  3. Generally, it will take 2 to 3 weeks for the completion of registration.