How can Indian parents agree for love marriage?

How can I convince my parents for love marriage in different religions?

Talk to the boy whom you want to marry. Ask him whether it will be OK to him if you come out of your family and marry him. At the same time ask him whether their parents will like your coming to their house without the blessings of your family and parents. If it is OK to them you can go ahead.

Is it OK to hurt parents for love?

Don’t use emotional blackmail on your parents to get them to come around—even if there’s a pregnancy involved and/or you’re a minor who needs their legal consent to marry. … Realize that if you and your partner are truly in love, waiting a few years to get married won’t destroy your love for one another.

Is Intercaste marriage a sin?

Although prohibited by law under Article 15 of the Indian Constitution, discrimination on the basis of caste is still practised throughout the country. Marrying someone from a different caste is more like a taboo; a sin for which there is no penance. … Inter-religion marriages are another taboo in prevalence.

Is it necessary to marry the person you love?

You don’t need to get married — you may want to get married, but it isn’t necessary in order to maintain a loving relationship. Proposing and getting married doesn’t prove your love for the person, either.

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How can I legally do a love marriage?

Apply for the marriage and protection of yourself and your spouse through court and then make it register with tesildar( marriage officer ) . Obtain mattiage certificate. No parents required for it. Only two witnesess one from the girl side ither from the boy.

Why do love marriages fail?

Many love marriages result in failure or ends with divorce. This is because the lack of give and take policy, misunderstanding, Ego and responsibility taking. During love, before marriage, both don’t have that much responsibility interms of their life. They will see only love with each other.

Which age is perfect for marriage?

The ideal age for marriage is preferably 25 to 30 years for both men and women,” said Dr A Kiranmayi, Chief Clinical Dietitian, Apollo Cradle hospital, Jubilee Hills. In any case, especially in urban India, girls are getting married only in their mid and late 20s.

Is love marriage allowed in India?

Interfaith marriages in India are registered under the Special Marriage Act, which mandates a 30-day notice period. But couples live in fear of reprisals throughout this time and even more so now, with a new law that targets such marriages.