How did the consciousness of nationalism emerge in India?

The growth of modern nationalism was connected to the anti-colonial movement. The sense of being controlled under colonialism provided a shared bond. 2. Political unification of the country under the British also played a very important role in awakening the spirit of nationalism.

How did national consciousness emerge in India and many other colonies?

Introduction. The emergence of national consciousness among Indians during 19th century was the direct outcome of British rule. India was being exploited as a British colony. This process of colonization brought about economic, political and social changes in India.

What did education contribute to the rise of national consciousness?

The new education system imparted the values like Liberty, equality, fraternity, democracy etc. It prompted political consciousness in India. The modern education strengthened middle class in India. Such middle class carried forward the spirit of Nationalism.

What were the causes of rise of nationalism in India?

The main reasons for emergence of Nationalism in India are:

  • Political, Economic and Administrative Unification.
  • Impact of Western Education.
  • Development of means of Transport.
  • Socio- religious reform movements.
  • Development of Media, Newspaper and Magazines.
  • Britishers’ exploited Policies.
  • National Movements outside India.
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What are the causes of the rise of national consciousness?

Several factors contributed to the rise of Nationalism among the Indians.

  • Political Unification: …
  • Development in the means of communication and transport: …
  • Impact of Western Education: …
  • Rediscovery of Indian’s glorious past: …
  • Socio-Religious Reform Movements: …
  • Growth of Vernacular Literature: …
  • Press and Newspaper:

What led to the rise of national movement in our country explain?

The British built a network of roads, railways, post and telegraph systems in the country. This led to increased movements of people from one part of the country to another and increased the flow of information. All this accelerated the rise of a national movement in India.

Which factors contribute to the awakening of national consciousness among the Indian people?

Several factors contributed to the emergence of Indian nationalism which can be analyzed as follows:

  • Political and Administrative Unity: …
  • English Language and Western Education: …
  • 3. Development of Transport and Means of Communication: …
  • Emergence of Modern Press: …
  • Economic Exploitation: …
  • Revival of Glorious Indian Heritage:

Who is known as father of nationalism?

Bal Gangadhar Tilak is known as the father of the Assertive Nationalism. He played a leading role in popularizing the cult of patriotism and making the Congress movement broad-based.

Who is called as father of nationalism?

Notes: Raja Rammohan Roy is called Father of Indian Nationalism. Bal Gangadhar Tilak is called Father of Indian Unrest. Both of them made great contribution to Indian Nationalism.