How is gift of India a patriotic poem?

The Gift of India is a poignant and patriotic poem by the Sarojini Naidu which praises the sacrifices made me the Indian soldiers in World War I. Dealing with the theme of courage and selfless sacrifice, The Gift of India is also an ode to the unsung heroes, the children of Mother India who laid their lives for others.

Why is gift of India a patriotic poem?

Ans. The Gift of India’ is a patriotic poem, highly surcharged with the sentime of Sarojini Naidu towards the Indian soldiers, who sacrificed their lives the British cause during the First World War.

How can you say that the gift of India is a patriotic poem?

“The Gift of India” is a patriotic poem. It describes the sacrifice of India for British cause. … In the poem, Mother India herself proclaims proudly her gifts to the west. The first stanza introduces the various gifts India has bestowed upon the colonisers, which include both its riches and people.

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How is the gift of India an anti war poem?

Although The Gift of India is a patriotic poem but at one point it appears as an anti war poem. … These Indian soldiers were no way involved in the cause or the outcome of the war but they were unscrupulously deployed for the benefit of the British. These soldiers fought in alien lands and died on the battlefield.

How is the gift of India a celebrated elegy?

In the poem, Mother India herself is the speaker to remind the West of the material gifts that they took away from here. … This is a demand for accounting Mother India’s gifts to the West including her sons who were martyred in the battlefield of the First World War.

What type of poem is the gift of India?

About the Poem

‘The Gift of India’ is an elegy written in a lyric vein. It pays glowing tribute to those brave Indian soldiers who fought bravely during the World War I (1914-1918).

What is the background of the poem The Gift of India?

Historical Background

Sarojini Naidu wrote the poem in 1915, during the time of World War I. At that time, India was one of the colonies of the British Empire. Thus, over ten lakh Indian soldiers fought along with the British Army in different locations of significance.

What is the main theme of Gift of India?

The main theme of “The Gift of India” is that the world should acknowledge India’s gifts to the world. As well as the treasures of its great cultural riches, India has also given her sons, who’ve fought and died bravely in the First World War.

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Who is the speaker in the poem The Gift of India?

Answer : In the poem, ‘The Gift of India’ the speaker is Mother India, who is personified as a human being. It is she whose voice is heard in the poem. As a loving and caring mother, she recalls how her brave sons were snatched from her and were entrusted to the British masters.

What is the gift mentioned in the poem?

a)As mentioned in Naidu’s poem, the rich gifts that Mother India gave the world are the raiment, grain and gold. This refers to all the resources from agricultural productions to priceless metals which the foreign colonisers took to their country while they were ruling India.

What Mother India says about her brave sons?

In the poem The Gift of India the lament which Mother India has is that her brave sons, the soldiers, went to the war and died like pearls on the other country and scattered like shells on foreign land. The mother asks whether the grief and tears which she has for her brave sons can be measured by anyone.

What is an anti war poem?

The term can also refer to pacifism, which is the opposition to all use of military force during conflicts.