Is Delhi Metro parking free?

Parking at Delhi Metro Stations is not free because it is managed by 3rd party contractors. The rates are uniform across all stations and are fixed by DMRC.

Is parking free at metro stations?

Parking is free at Metro-operated lots on weekends and federal holidays, except during special events. Most weekends, it’s easy to find a space at Metro parking lots. Fares are collected upon exit during the following hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 a.m.

Is it safe to park car at Metro station?

Overnight parking is not permitted. Vehicles may be parked from 5 am onwards and can remain in the parking lot till half an hour after the last train leaves the station.

Which metro station has parking in Delhi?

Parking Details as on 06.03. 2020

S.NO Name of station Name of agency
1 HINDON RIVER M/s. Dhiraj Gupta
4 Dilshad Garden Operated by DMRC

What is the charge of Delhi Metro?

presently available :- – One Day Card : available at a cost of Rs 150/- (Rs 100 + Rs 50 refundable security). – Three Day Card: at a cost of Rs 300/- (Rs. 250 + Rs 50 refundable security). security deposit (not in case of physically damaged cards) of a smart card is refundable.

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Can I park overnight at metro stations?

Multi-day parking (also known as overnight or long-term parking) is available at four stations: Greenbelt, Huntington, Franconia-Springfield, and Wiehle-Reston East. Each of these stations has between 15 and 17 spaces allocated for multi-day use of up to 10 days. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

How much is parking at Glenmont Metro?

There are 1,781 parking spots. Cost/day is $4.75. Parking fees are collected upon exit from 10:30 a.m. to Metro closing hours. Parking fees can be paid using a SmarTrip® Card and debit/credit cards.

Is parking available at Metro station?

How many metro stations are there in Bangalore?

1. General Information

DATE OF OPENING 20th October 2011 (6.7 kms)
SPEED Max.80 Kmph; Avg. 34 Kmph
NO. OF STATIONS 40 (33 elevated, 7 UG)
HEADWAY 3.5 mins
TRAVEL TIME 33/44 Mins. (end to end)

Where can I park my car at Delhi airport?

Facilities for your comfort at Delhi International Airport. Park your cars safely at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport while you fly to anywhere in the world.


Duration Car Parking Rates (Rs.) Two Wheeler Parking Rates (Rs.)
Every Subsequent Hour upto 4 hours 100 20
After 4 hours up to 24 hours 500 300

Does Shaheed Sthal metro station has parking?

Currently, the Hindon River Metro station on the Dilshad Garden – Shaheed Sthal New Bus Adda corridor has a basement parking facility though it is an elevated station. The New Delhi station of the Airport Line has a multilevel parking lot above the station.