What caused the Sepoy Rebellion in India?

The mutiny began when sepoys refused to use new rifle cartridges (which were thought to be lubricated with grease containing a mixture of pigs’ and cows’ lard and thus religiously impure). They were shackled and imprisoned, but their outraged comrades shot their British officers and marched on Delhi.

What were the main causes of the Sepoy Rebellion?

The immediate cause for the revolt was the introduction of the new Enfield rifle to the British Indian Army. To load it, the sepoys had to bite off the ends of greased cartridges that held the gunpowder for the rifle.

What caused the Sepoy Rebellion in India quizlet?

What were the causes of the Sepoy Rebellion in northern and central India? Indian soldiers were told to bite off the tips of their rifle cartridges. This order cause a rebellion because the cartridges were greased with animal fat, violating local religious beliefs.

What was the cause and result of the Sepoy Rebellion?

the causes of the sepoy rebellion was when some angry sepoys rose up against their british officers. Also when the east india company required sepoys to serve overseas which was against the sepoy’s religion. … the rebellion also resulted in the brutal masscre of british men, women, and children.

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What was a result of the Sepoy Rebellion?

The immediate result of the mutiny was a general housecleaning of the Indian administration. The East India Company was abolished in favour of the direct rule of India by the British government.

What was one result of the Sepoy Rebellion?

Terms in this set (4) What was one result of the Sepoy Rebellion (mutiny)? Parliament ended the rule of the East India Company and set up a direct British colony over India ruled by a viceroy.

What religious issue led to the Sepoy Rebellion?

The Hindu religion held the cow sacred, and to desecrate it was highly offensive. The Muslim religion viewed the pig as unclean, and again, to touch it was highly offensive. The rifle used a paper cartridge that was provided by the British East India Trading Company and came pre-greased.

What were two effects of the Great Rebellion?

what were the two effects of the great rebellion? 1 the British parliament transferred the powers of the east India company directly to the British government. 2 the title of Empress of India was bestowed on Queen Victoria. how did Britain govern India?

What was the result of the Sepoy Mutiny quizlet?

What was the result of the Sepoy Mutiny? The British East India Company wins. Indians did not win due to power conflicts between Muslims and Hindus. It was the British rule over India.