What happened in chapter 9 of The Indian in the Cupboard?

At dawn, Omri wakes up to the sound of fighting between cowboy and Indian. They have gotten out of their barriers and are having a gun/bow and arrow fight. Finally Omri must scoop Little Bear up to protect both men.

What does the Indian do when Omri tries to pick him up?

When Omri turns the key once, the Indian, named Little Bear, comes alive; but turn the key a second time and it’s an ordinary plastic Indian again. What does the Indian do when Omri tries to pick him up? Stab him pg 9.

Why did Omri think it would be easy enough to keep the cowboy and Little Bear separated from each other over night?

He put the cowboy back into the cupboard and turned him into plastic again. b. The room size was like a sort of indoor national park, and therefore, easy enough to keep them apart one night.

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What happened during the fight between the cowboy and Little Bear?

What happened during the night? Omri put the cowboy and his horse in the dressing up crate. The horses smelled each other wich caused the cowboy ‘s horse made a hole allowing Little Bear and the cowboy to discover each other.

Why was Omri disappointed with Patrick’s gift?

Why was Omri disappointed with Patrick’s gift? Omri had hoped that Patrick would give him a football as a gift. Omri had given Patrick a nice gift for his birthday, and he expected one in return. Omri already had lots of plastic toy figures with which he was somewhat tired of playing.

What did Little Bear think Omri studied in school?

What did Little Bear think Omri studied in school? a. the alphabet and multiplication facts. Little Bear was clearly reluctant to return to the house, but he had the sense to realize he couldn’t cope outside by himself.

Why does Little Bear do a dance?

Little Bear was entertaining Patrick with a dance. Patrick was captivated or amazed at Little Bear and wanted to watch everything he did. Omri had commanded Patrick to watch Little Bear to keep Little Bear from running away. Q.

What is the main idea of the Indian in the cupboard?

The principal theme in this children’s novel is the value of real friendship. Omri had a cupboard and an Indian figure.

Where did Omri get the magic white cupboard?

Plot summary. On Omri’s ninth birthday, his best friend Patrick gives him the disappointing gift of a small plastic Indian figurine. Omri also receives a white metal medicine cupboard from his brother.

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Why does Patrick get annoyed with Omri at school?

Patrick and Omri get kicked out of the main hall because Omri creates a disturbance. Patrick is actually not involved in the specific ruckus, but gets blamed anyway. Omri had brought Little Bear to school, and had kept him in his hip pocket all morning.

What is the problem in The Indian in the Cupboard?

The main conflict is an external conflict with the main character and his secret about the magic cupboard or key that turns plastic toys to life. Omri knew that if someone found out about the his secret people would take advantage of it.