What is odisha area rank in India?

• High Court Orissa High Court
• Total 155,707 km2 (60,119 sq mi)
Area rank 8th

What is the rank of Odisha in terms of area among all states of India?

List of Top 10 Largest State of India (By Area)

Rank State Area (km2)
5 Gujarat 1,96,024
6 Karnataka 1,91,791
7 Andhra Pradesh 1,60,205
8 Odisha 1,55,707

Is Odisha poor or rich?

The state is also blessed with abundant natural resources, especially minerals, forests and groundwater. Given all this, Odisha should have been one of the richer states of India. But Odisha’s per capita income is the fifth lowest in the country and poverty the sixth highest amongst various states of India.

Which state is fastest growing in India?

NSDP Growth

Rank State GSDP Growth (At Current prices)
India 11.70
1 Mizoram 18.64
2 Gujarat 13.90

Which district is biggest in India?

Kutch District (45,652 km2) – Gujarat

Kutch district of Gujarat is the largest district of India having 10 Talukas, 939 villages and 6 Municipalities.

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