What is the significance of India in the India?

India is centrally located between the East and the West Asia. India is strategically located at the centre of the trans-Indian Ocean routes which connect the European countries in the west and the countries of East Asia. India could establish close contact with West Asia, Africa and Europe from the western coast.

What is the significance of the India?

Thus, India dominates the Indian Ocean and commands an important strategic position. The central location of India is considered of great significance as it helps India to keep a close contact for business purpose with West Asia, Africa and Europe from western coast, and Southeast and East Asia from the eastern coast.

What is the significance of India in the Indian Ocean Class 9?

Explain the significance of India’s eminent position in the Indian Ocean. Answer: This helps India to establish close contact with west Asia, Africa, Europe from western coast and with south-east and east Asia from the eastern coast. The sea routes have contributed in the exchange of ideas and commodities.

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What are the significance of India’s location?

Significance of India central location are: (i) India has a central location between east and west Asia. (ii) India is a southward extension of the Asian continent. (iii) The Trans Indian ocean routes connect the countries of Europe in the west and the countries of East Asia.

What is the significance of India’s location write three points?

It is a peninsular country which means it is bounded by water bodies from three sides. In the east lies the Bay of Bengal, in the west, Arabian Sea and in the South, Indian Ocean. ii. The Indian Ocean connects India with the Africa and Gulf countries which provide India oil.

Is centrally located in India?

Answer: Central India is a loosely defined region of India consisting of the states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh is the largest city in the region.

Where India is located?

What is the importance of the Indian Ocean for India?

The region is of strategic importance as it bridges the Indian Ocean to the Pacific in the East and the Mediterranean in the West. Furthermore, this region has emerged as a vital intersection of maritime trade, connecting the countries’ producers of natural resources with the consumers states.

Why is the Indian Ocean named after India?

Complete answer:

The Indian Ocean is named after India because of its strategic location at the head of the ocean from ancient times and its long coastline which is longer than any other country in the Indian Ocean rim.

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Which two island countries are our Indian Neighbours?

Across the sea to the south, lie our island neighbours— Sri Lanka and Maldives. Sri Lanka is separated from India by the Palk Strait.

What type of country India is?


Particulars Description
Country Name Republic of India; Bharat Ganrajya
Government Type Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic with a Parliamentary system of Government.
Capital New Delhi
Administrative Divisions 28 States and 8 Union Territories.

What is the importance of India’s location Class 6?

It lies in the southern part of Asia. On three sides, India is surrounded by sea. Owing to its strategic location, it plays a great role in trade and commerce of the world. The east‒west extent of India is approximately 2,933 km and the north‒south extent is approximately 3,214 km.

How many countries are bigger than India in area?

Complete Step by Step Solution:The countries which are larger than India are Russia, Canada, the United States, China, Brazil, and Australia. – Russia is a transcontinental country located in Europe and Asia and is the largest country in the world by area. It has an area of 17,098246 sq.