When Alexander invaded India Taxila was ruled by?

When Alexander invaded India, Taxila was ruled by Ambhi.

When Alexander invaded India was ruled by?

Nandas– When Alexander invaded India the dynasty which was ruling over India was the Nanda dynasty which was the last dynasty of the Magadha Empire. The reign of the Nandas were 467 BC to 312 BC , hence this is the correct option.

When Alexander attacked India?

Notes: Alexander invaded India in 326 BC. In 326 BC, the Battle of Hydaspes was fought between Alexender the great and Porus along the banks of Haydaspes river( Jhelum river) in Punjab. Porus, the King of Paurava, ruled the area between the rivers Hydaspes (modern Jhelum) and Acesines (Chenab).

Why did Alexander return from India?

Deciding upon his return, Alexander ordered the construction of twelve huge altars “equal in height to the loftiest military towers, while exceeding them in breadth; to serve both as a thanks offering to the gods who had led him so far as conqueror, and also to serve as monuments of his own labours.” Leaving the land …

Who is called Alexander of India?

Believed to be the youngest of the three sons of Kashmiri king Durlabhaka (alias Pratapaditya), Lalitaditya ascended the throne in 724 AD at a time when Karkota dynasty ruled the present day Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab and Haryana. …

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