When did India lose a Test match at home?

How many times India lost Test series in India?

Team records

As of September 2021, India played 555 Test matches resulting in 164 victories, 171 defeats, 219 draws and 1 tie for an overall winning percentage of 29.54.

In which country India never won a Test match?

Series summary

Conversely, India had never managed to win a Test series in Australia until 2018–19 series, after which they continued their winning streak in the 2020-21 series, thereby retaining the trophy for two editions outside home.

Has India lost any match?

As of 7 January 2019, India have played 533 Test matches; they have won 150 matches, lost 165 matches, and 217 matches were drawn with one being tied.

Test Cricket.

Opponent Bangladesh
Matches 11
Won 9

What is India’s lowest score in Test?

India’s lowest totals in Test cricket (all out)

Score Overs Opposition
36 21.2 v Australia
42 17.0 v England
58 21.3* v Australia
58 21.4 v England

What is India’s highest score in T20?

India Highest Score in T20

  • 260/5 vs Sri Lanka – 2017. The first highest score of team India is 260/5 against Sri Lanka at Indore on 22 Dec 2017. …
  • 244/4 vs West Indies – 2016. …
  • 240/3 vs West Indies – 2019. …
  • 224/2 vs England – 2021. …
  • 218/4 vs England – 2007. …
  • Highest Score in T20 by Other Teams.
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Is Australia ever won Test series in India?

India won the 2020-21 series 2-1 too. It included a thrilling last day win at Brisbane to seal the series; it was Australia’s first Test defeat at The Gabba since 1988.

Has India won Test series in Pakistan?

Pakistan have hosted seven series with 26 matches played at home. Each side has four series wins, although Pakistan has won more Test matches than India in matches between the two nations.

List of Test series.

Season 1983–84
Date first Test started 14 September 1983
Pakistan won
Drawn 3
Winner Drawn