Where can I buy sweets in Chennai?

Which is the best sweet in Chennai?

The 10 Best Dessert Spots in Chennai

  • Fruit Shop on Greams Road. …
  • Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream and Sorbet. …
  • Ajnabi Mithai Ghar. …
  • Sri Krishna Sweets. …
  • Old Madras Baking Company. …
  • Bellaria. …
  • Tewary’s Kulfi. Ice Cream Parlour, Indian, Street Food, Ice Cream, Dessert. …
  • Buhari. Restaurant, Dessert, Indian, Vegetarian, $$$

What is famous in Chennai to eat?

Street food of Chennai

  • Idli and Sambhar, a common dish in Chennai.
  • Dosai Chutney Hotel Saravana Bhavan.
  • Onion Tomato Uttapam.
  • Pongal with chutney, sambar, vada.
  • Vada sambar chutney.
  • Milagaai Bajji or Chilli Bhajji.
  • Biriyani.
  • Pista Kulfi.

What is the Speciality of Chennai?

Home to temples, dosa and beaches, it is also a place where history has been made. Here are 10 things unique to wonderful Chennai. Chennai has many beautiful beaches — Besant Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Covelong and more. However, the Marina Beach gains prominence as it is the world’s second largest urban beach.

What is the famous sweet of India?


Name Main ingredients
Gulab jamun Fried milk balls soaked in sweet syrup, such as rose syrup or honey.
Imarti Sugar syrup, lentil flour.
Jalebi Dough fried in a coil shape dipped in sugar syrup, often taken with milk, tea, yogurt, or lassi.
Kaju katli Cashews, ghee with cardamom and sugar.
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Which is the first largest mall in Chennai?

1. Express Avenue. This is the biggest mall in Chennai and also in South India. The mall provides luxury and entertainment under the same roof.

What snack is famous in Chennai?

Chaat. This North Indian snack is very famous and popular amongst the locals of Chennai. It can be found at every street corner and everyone serves different flavours than the others. It is a mixture of a number of ingredients mixed with many spices.

Is VGP open tomorrow?

The park is open from 11:00 AM in the morning till 7:30 PM in the evening.

What is the nickname of Chennai?

Tamil Nadu

City/town Nickname
Chennai (Madras; Madarasapattinam) Detroit of Asia Healthcare Capital of India Banking Capital of India Electronics Manufacturing Hub of India City of Flyovers Gateway of South India Capital of Tamil Nadu
Coimbatore Manchester of South India Capital of Kongu Nadu

Is Chennai safe?

CHENNAI: Among cities in India with more than a million population, Chennai has the best quality of life, is highly resilient with best mobility options and is safe and secure.