Where was the recent cyclone in India?

Which cyclone came recently in India?

Cyclone Amphan

Cyclone Amphan was a powerful tropical cyclone that led to the destruction of lives and property in the Indian states of Odisha and West Bengal. Cyclone Amphan was the first pre-monsoon super cyclone of this century that emerged from the Bay of Bengal.

What is the recent cyclone name?

List of Cyclones in India that Hit Recently

Name Origin of Name
Hikka The name Hikka is given by the Maldives. Which means ‘Hiccup’ in English.
Fani The term means ‘Mortal’. The name was given by Bangladesh.
BOB 03 BOB03’s name came from the Bay of Bengal. It got its name from India.
Bulbul The name was given by Pakistan.

Which place is most affected by cyclone in India?

Although cyclones affect the entire coast of India, the East coast is more prone as compared to the West coast. The most affected states are Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Is there any storm coming in India?

There are no active storms.

How many cyclones are in India?

That was the last major cyclone in over four decades. Since then, cyclones have returned to India’s west coast with a vengeance. Since 2019, India has recorded eight cyclones, five in the Arabian sea alone.

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Is there any cyclone in Odisha 2021?

Now in 2021, Cyclone Yaas has hit the state but due to its robust evacuation mechanism and preparedness, Odisha has managed to contain the damage by a definitive margin. … Cyclone Yaas made landfall in Odisha on May 26 between the north of Dhamra coast in Bhadrak district and Bahanga coast in Balasore district.