Which engineering branch has more job opportunities in India?

Sr. No Highest Paying Engineering Branches
1. Computer Science Engineering
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. Civil Engineering
4. Electrical Engineering

Which branch of engineering has the highest demand in India?

Check out the top 10 in-demand Engineering branches for 2020 and beyond:

  • Machine Learning.
  • Data Science.
  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Automation & Robotics Engineering.
  • Agricultural Engineering.
  • Alternative Energy Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Project Engineering.

Which engineering has more job opportunities in India?

Petroleum Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering are the ones with the highest pay package in India as of now. Hope we make your career choice easier with the in-demand engineering careers and jobs that we have listed here along with the salary offered according to the experience of the candidate.

Which engineering branch has more job opportunities in India in future?

Aerospace Aviation Engineering

Aerospace is almost the highest paid engineering branch in India. The two overlapping and major sub-branches in this domain are aeronautical engineerings and astronautical engineering, offering opportunities in different brilliant fields.

Which type of engineer is most in-demand?

10 of the Most In-Demand Engineering Jobs for Future

  • Automation and Robotics Engineer: …
  • Data Science & Data Analytics Engineer: …
  • Project Engineer: …
  • Renewable Energy Engineer: …
  • Civil Engineer: …
  • Environmental Engineer: …
  • Biomedical Engineer: …
  • Software Systems Engineer:
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Which job is best for future?

Check out the latest edition here, with job projections out to 2030.

  1. Software developers and software quality assurance analysts and testers.
  2. Registered nurses. …
  3. General and operations managers. …
  4. Financial managers. …
  5. Medical and health services managers. …
  6. Nurse practitioners. …
  7. Market research analysts and marketing specialists. …

Which job has highest salary?

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Job Profile Average Base Salary/ year (In INR) Fresher Salary/year
Data Engineer ₹839,625 ₹464,722
Software Architect ₹2,199,698 ₹977,473
Cloud Architect ₹1,796,392 ₹409,634
Blockchain Engineer ₹808,000 ₹6,26,185

Which engineering has highest salary in future?

Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs of 2020

  • Big Data Engineer. …
  • Petroleum Engineer. …
  • Computer Hardware Engineer. …
  • Aerospace Engineer. …
  • Nuclear Engineer. …
  • Systems Engineer. …
  • Chemical Engineer. …
  • Electrical Engineer.

Is CSE good for future?

There is a huge scope of placements in CSE. … Programming involves a lot of innovations and students who love programming and designing or have a creative mind with a good understanding of coding can get into CSE and fit in very easily. CSE offers some of the highest paying jobs not only in India but also outside.

Which engineering is hardest?

Hardest Engineering Majors

Rank Major Average GPA
1 Civil Engineering 3.17
2 Chemical Engineering 3.23
3 Electrical Engineering 3.22
4 Mechanical Engineering 3.24

Which degree is best for future in India?

Top 10 Best Degree Courses In India 2021

  • Bachelor’s in mass communication or Journalism BJMC.
  • Bachelor’s in medicine or dental MBBS/BDS.
  • B.Sc. …
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy B.Pharma./M.Pharma.
  • Bachelor of education or Master’s of Education B. …
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Commerce B.Com/M.Com.
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