Which is best Chennai or Trichy?

Which is big Trichy or Chennai?

It is the fourth largest city as well as the fourth largest urban agglomeration in the state. Located 322 kilometres (200 mi) south of Chennai and 374 kilometres (232 mi) north of Kanyakumari, Tiruchirappalli sits almost at the geographic centre of the state.

Which is coolest city in Tamilnadu?

Title: Know more about coolest place in Tamilnadu, the best 15 Hill stations of Tamil Nadu

  • Ooty. Every tourist wants to see the wondrous magic of mountains and valleys in Ooty. …
  • Kodaikanal. …
  • Coonoor. …
  • Kotagiri. …
  • Yercaud. …
  • Yelagiri Hills. …
  • Valparai. …
  • Kolli Hills.

Which is best place to live in Tamilnadu?

4 Best Cities in Tamil Nadu

  1. Madurai. Historical & Heritage | Pilgrimage | City. Situated on the banks of the River Vaigai, Madurai is the third-largest city in Tamilnadu and one of the most famous places of pilgrimage in India. …
  2. Chennai. City. …
  3. Tiruchirappalli. Historical & Heritage | City. …
  4. Coimbatore. City.

Which is richest city in Tamilnadu?

Reliance mall ERODE

  • SALEM.
  • ERODE.

Which is the hottest district in Tamilnadu?

The hottest places in the state are Erode, Vellore, Karur and Tiruttani. In fact, Erode with a temperature of over 43 degrees Celsius has been among the five hottest places in the country for the past few days.

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Which is the safest place in Tamilnadu?

Chennai, the capital city of the State of Tamil Nadu, is regarded as one of the safest cities in India. Violent crimes in Chennai, especially ones directed against foreigners, have traditionally been uncommon.

Which district is big in Tamilnadu?

The largest city in Tamil Nadu is Chennai. Total area of Tamil Nadu is 1,30,060 km² including 1,16,424.47 km² rural area and 13,635.53 km² urban area.

List of Districts in Tamil Nadu.

# 18
District Salem
Area (km²) 5,237
Population (2011) 34,82,056