Which is India’s largest fresh water lake?

Lake Wular belongs to the largest freshwater lakes in India and lies in the Kashmir Valley, 40 km northwest of Srinagar City in the Northwest of India. With a size of 189 sq. km, Wular Lake is also one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia.

Where is the largest fresh water lake in India?

Manipur’s Loktak Lake – the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India – is an internationally important, Ramsar designated, freshwater wetland system in the state of Manipur, India.

Which is the largest lake in India answer?

Sambhar Salt Lake, ephemeral salt lake, the largest lake in India, situated in east-central Rajasthan state, west of Jaipur. About 90 square miles (230 square km) in area, it represents a depression of the Aravalli Range.

Which is the first largest lake in India?

Wular Lake, located in Bandipore district of Jammu and Kashmir, is the largest fresh water lake of India measuring approximately 260 sq. kilometres. This natural lake is dwarfed by several artificial man-made lakes.

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