Which is the largest district in India according to population?

Rank District Approximate
1 Thane (1.11 Crore)
2 North Twenty Four Parganas (1.00 Crore)
3 Bangalore (96.22 Lakh)

Which is the largest district in India by population?

List of districts in India

Number 742 (as of 2021)
Populations Greatest: North 24 Parganas, West Bengal—10,082,852 (2011 census) Least: Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh—8,004 (2011 census)
Areas Largest: Kutch, Gujarat—45,652 km2 (17,626 sq mi) Smallest: Mahé, Puducherry—8.69 km2 (3.36 sq mi)

Which is the largest district of India in terms of?

Kutch District (45,652 km2) – Gujarat

Kutch district of Gujarat is the largest district of India having 10 Talukas, 939 villages and 6 Municipalities.

Which state has only 4 district?

List of Districts of India State Wise

S.no States and Union Territories in India No. of Districts
19 Orissa 30
20 Punjab 22
21 Rajasthan 33
22 Sikkim 4

Which state has only one district?

Tripura has one district for every 1,300 sq km, the smallest average district size in the country.

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