Which is the longest mountain range in India?

The most famous and the highest mountain range of India is the Himalayan range. It is also the youngest and the longest mountain range in India and has almost every largest peak of the world. The Himalayan mountain range bisects India from the rest of Asia and is the primary source of mighty rivers in India.

Which is the smallest mountain of India?

Haramukh, also spelled Harmukh, mountain peak of the Great Himalayas in Jammu and Kashmir union territory, northern India (the Indian-administered portion of the Kashmir region). Overlooking the Vale of Kashmir, Haramukh rises to 16,872 feet (5,143 metres) and is located some 22 miles (35 km) north of Srinagar.

Which is the longest range of the Himalayas?

Option c is the correct answer because Pir Panjal range is the longest range of the middle Himalayas. Note: There are two types of classification of the Himalayas namely vertical or latitudinal. The vertical division is as follows: Shivalik-least Himalaya, Himachal-lower Himalaya, Himadri-higher Himalaya.

Which country has no mountain?

No mountains

The highest country on Earth? That’s Bhutan, where the average altitude is a lofty 3,280 metres.

What are the 3 ranges of Himalayas?

The Himalayas consist of three parallel ranges, the Greater Himalayas known as the Himadri, the Lesser Himalayas called the Himachal, and the Shivalik hills, which comprise the foothills.

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