Which is the upcoming aircraft carrier of India?

The mammoth warship, that will be called INS Vikrant, is the Indian Navy’s first Made in India aircraft carrier. This takes India into a select band of seven countries — the USA, the UK, France, Russia, Italy, and China – to have niche capabilities to design and build an aircraft carrier.

Will INS Vishal be built?

The 40,000-tonne IAC-I or INS Vikrant being built at Cochin Shipyard will be ready for induction only by 2018-2019 after a long delay.

Is INS Vikrant still alive?

She was preserved as a museum ship in Cuffe Parade, Mumbai until 2012. In January 2014, the ship was sold through an online auction and scrapped in November 2014 after final clearance from the Supreme Court.

INS Vikrant (R11)

United Kingdom
Fate Laid up, 1947; Sold to India, 1957
Name Vikrant

Is Vishal a supercarrier?

The high-end capabilities planned for INS Vishal led to it being widely termed a supercarrier – rivalled only by the American Gerald Ford Class and Chinese Type 002 and Type 003 Classes.

How many aircraft carriers will India have?

India currently has INS Vikramaditya as the only operational aircraft carrier while INS Vikrant should be ready for operations within a year. Once it’s operational, India will have two aircraft carriers. Even if one goes for maintenance work, the other will be functional.

Does Pakistan have aircraft carriers?

Joining the first aircraft carrier of the PLA Navy, the Liaoning, the carrier Shandong entered service with the PLA Navy in December 2019. “The Pakistan Navy would like to conduct an exercise with these carriers whenever an opportunity arises.

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