Which program is launched under Make in India program?

On 25th September 2014, this dynamic programme gave the corporations a push to invest money in manufacturing products in India, hence “Make in India”. The Make in India campaign is the brainchild of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is a movement covering a bouquet of all the sizable sectors of our economy.

What are the plans of Make in India?

“Make in India” had three stated objectives:

  • to increase the manufacturing sector’s growth rate to 12-14% per annum;
  • to create 100 million additional manufacturing jobs in the economy by 2022;
  • to ensure that the manufacturing sector’s contribution to GDP is increased to 25% by 2022 (later revised to 2025).

What are the four pillars of Make in India?

The Make in India” initiative is based on four pillars, which have been identified to give boost to entrepreneurship in India, not only in manufacturing but also other sectors. The four pillars are (i) New Processes, (ii) New Infrastructure, (iii) New Sectors and (iv) New Mindset.

What is the logo of Make in India?

The idea was to encourage more and more foreign companies to manufacture their products in India. To achieve the above end, Make in India initiative was given a face in the form of a logo, which is a silhouette of a lion on the move. It is made of cogs and symbolises manufacturing.

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Which sector is not covered in Make in India?

2. Which of the following sector is not covered in the Make in India programme? Explanation: Education comes under the service sector and Make in India programme targets the manufacturing sectors. 3.

What are the 25 sectors of Make in India?

25 sectors were identified in this way and the government promised to give the push it required to ensure that more and more foreign investments took place.

Sectors listed under ‘Make in India’ scheme.

Automobiles Mining
Aviation Pharmaceuticals
Biotechnology Ports
Chemicals Railways
Construction Renewable Energy