Which railway zone is Bangalore?

Currently, the South Western Railway zone has three divisions, namely Hubli, Bengaluru and Mysore.

How many zones are there in Bangalore railway?

Bengaluru railway division is one of the three railway divisions under South Western Railway zone of Indian Railways.

List of railway stations and towns.

Category of station No. of stations Names of stations
F Category Halt Station

Which is the South Western Railway Zone?

The South Western Railway (SWR) is one of the 18 railway zones in India, headquartered at Hubballi in Karnataka State.

South Western Railway zone.

10-South Western Railway
Headquarters Rail Soudha, Gadag Road Hubballi Karnataka
Locale Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Tamil Nadu
Dates of operation 2003–

Which is 18 zone of railway?

18) Southern Coast Railway

Its headquarters will be located at Visakhapatnam and it will be the 18th railway zone in the country. The divisions of this zone will include Guntakal, Vijayawada, Guntur, divisions that currently serve as divisions in the South Central Railway.

What are 16 zones of railway?

Zones & Division

S/No. Name of the Railway Zone Zonal Headquarter
13 South East Central Railway Bilaspur
14 South Western Railway Hubli
15 Western Railway Churchgate
16 West Central Railway Jabalpur
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Which railway zone is best?

Top 10 cleanest railway zones in India 2019

  • East Central Railway.
  • South Central Railway.
  • South Western Railway.
  • Northern Railway.
  • Northeast Frontier Railway.
  • West Central Railway.
  • East Coast Railway.
  • Western Railway.

What is the salary of DRM in railway?

DRM salary in Indian Railways ranges between ₹ 7.2 Lakhs to ₹ 9.2 Lakhs.

DRM Salary in Companies Similar to Indian Railways.

Company Name Average Annual Salary
Indian Railways DRM (Not enough exp. data) 8L 7.2L – 9.2L

How is DRM appointed?

Each of the divisions is headed by a Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), who reports to the General Manager (GM) of the zone. A DRM can be appointed from any of the eight organized services of Indian Railways, viz.