Which state Brahmaputra enters first in India?

In India, the Brahmaputra first flows through the northern region of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The river flows within the state for about 22 miles before it is joined by two of its major tributaries, the Lohit River and the Dibang River.

Which state Brahmaputra flows first in India?

The River Brahmaputra first flows through the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Explanation: The Brahmaputra, also known as Siang/Dihang River in Arunachal Pradesh.

Where does Brahmaputra start in India?

Which state lies in the Brahmaputra River basin?

Basin Details : Brahmaputra & Barak Basin Organisation

State Drainage area (sq.km)
Arunachal Pradesh 81,424
Assam 70,634
West Bengal 12,585
Meghalaya 11,667

Which is the deepest river in India?

Highest, Longest, Largest, Tallest, Deepest in India and the World

Highest Award Bharat Ratna
Deepest River Valley Bhagirathi & Alaknanda
Largest Church Saint Cathedral (Goa)
Oldest Church St. Thomas Church at Palayar, Trichur (Kerala)
Longest River Ganga (2640 km long)

Why Brahmaputra is called Red river?

In Tibet, the Brahmaputra catchment area is 2, 93,000 sq. 1. The soil of this region is naturally rich in iron content, bringing the colour red to the river with a high concentration of red and yellow soil sediments. That’s why Brahmaputra River is also called Red River.

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Which is the longest river in India Ganges or Brahmaputra?

The Ganges is the longest river in India if we consider the total distance covered by a river within India. Two major rivers of the Indian subcontinent – Brahmaputra and Indus – are longer than the Ganges in total length.

How many rivers are in India?

There are 8 major river systems in India, with more than 400 rivers in total. Rivers play an important role in the lives of the Indian people due to their crucial importance in sustenance and their place in Indian religions.