Who is Mr P in part time Indian?

Mr. P is the white teacher at whom Arnold throws the geometry book. But instead of being super-miffed and maybe even throwing the geometry book back, Mr. P convinces Arnold that he’s a fighter and has to leave the reservation to get a better education.

Who was Mr P in The Absolutely True Diary?

The Wellpinit geometry teacher, who advises Junior to leave the reservation. Mr. P is one of many “weird” and “lonely” characters in the novel, such as Mary, Junior, and Gordy, and is known in Wellpinit for frequently falling asleep and forgetting to come to school.

What does Mr P Tell Junior?

No matter what. Mr. P tells Junior that he must take his hope and go somewhere else—a place where other people have hope: off the reservation. He has to leave the reservation in order to find hope (fig 5.4).

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How would you describe Mr P?

Mr. P stands about four feet tall, and is “bald” but with “dandruff.” The food stains on his clothing are only matched in awkwardness by Junior’s descriptions of him as sometimes wearing pajamas. Junior describes him as a “weird old coot.” Finally, Junior makes it clear that he sees Mr.

What positive traits does Mr P recognize in Junior what does he encourage Junior to do?

But, despite his confession about being an abusive teacher in days gone by, Mr. P proves to be a good teacher for Junior. He encourages him to make what will be the most important decision of his young life—the decision to leave the Spokane Indian Reservation and go to school in Reardan.

Why does Mr P say rowdy likes to hurt people?

Why does Mr. P say Rowdy likes to hurt people? He said that Rowdy likes to hurt people so he can make them feel as bad as he does.

Why does Mr P apologize to Junior?

Junior’s family’s reaction to the suspension demonstrates his role at school and in his family. Unlike Rowdy and Mary, Junior follows the rules, and people have higher expectations of him than he knows. Junior feels guilty for his actions, which is why Mr. P’s apology is so surprising.

What does Mr P say to Junior that makes him cry?

P asks Junior to say that he deserves the world, Junior starts to cry. … He can’t say he deserves the world because he doesn’t believe it, and he believes he’s a troubled kid. Why does Mr.

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Why does Mr P want Junior to leave the reservation?

Mr. P tells Junior to leave the reservation for good if he wants to retain hope in his life and to hold on to his aspirations and dreams for his future. He doesn’t want Junior to ‘fade away’ or to fail, like the rest of his ancestors or even his sister, who has given up hope of becoming a writer.

Why does junior risk making rowdy angry?

Because he gets so frustrated and just wants to throw it at something, and this signifies him being fed up with the Indian treatment. What is Mr P’s advice to Junior? Mr.

What does Mr P say Mary dreamed of being when she was in school?

What does Mr. P say Mary dreamed of being when she was in school? … He was going to be the only Indian at his new school. The Indians were going to alienate them.

How did Mr P change junior’s view of his sister?

How did Mr. P change Junior’s view of his sister? He said that she used to be a writer. Why does Mr.

What do rowdy and junior do for each other?

Despite his anger issues, Rowdy has a good (though juvenile) sense of humor. He is honest with Junior, is supportive of Junior’s cartooning, and gives Junior tough love whenever Junior comes to him for relationship advice. When Junior asks him to, Rowdy protects Junior’s secrets.

How does Junior say good bye?

Junior accepts that “We all have to find our own way to say good-bye” (Alexie 161). How does Junior do this? ​Who is Billionaire Ted and what is his story? ​How does Junior cope with his grief?

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Why is Junior so cynical about white teachers?

Junior is skeptical of white teachers for two reasons. First, he is influenced by outside sources to be skeptical, and second, his experience teaches him to be skeptical. … This makes Junior even more skeptical of any white person who actually wants to come to the reservation and teach him and his peers.