Who is the deputy commissioner of Chennai?

Who is the Deputy Commissioner of Police Chennai?

SP S Deepa Ganiger has been appointed as the DCP of Anna Nagar. SP G Ramar has been posted as the DCP of the modern control room police in Chennai. SP Dr L Balaji Saravanan has been transferred and posted as the DCP of the Chennai city police headquarters.

How many deputy commissioners are there in Chennai?

There are three Addl. Commissioners of Police in the rank of IGP, three Joint Commissioners of Police in the rank of DIG and eighteen Deputy Commissioners of Police in the rank of SP to assist him. That is 9 DCs for L&O, 3 DCs for Traffic, one DC each for IS, SSD, CCB & Headquarters besides each DC for AR & MT.

Who is the assistant Commissioner of Chennai?

radhakrishnan subramanian – Assistant Commissioner of Police – Greater Chennai Police | LinkedIn.

What is the salary of dig?

IPS Salary After 7th Pay Commission

Rank Salary
Deputy Inspector General of Police INR 1,31,100
Inspector General of Police INR 1,44,200
Director General of Police INR 2,05,400
Director General of Police/ Director of IB or CBI INR 2,25,000

How Chennai is divided?

Chennai is divided into four broad regions: North, Central, South and West. North Chennai is primarily an industrial area. Central Chennai is the commercial heart of the city and includes important business district, Parry’s Corner.

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What is an ACP in police?

Assistant Commissioner is the entry level rank for the officers of Administration cadre. … Entry level cadre officers of Police service, posted in metropolitan areas, are known as Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

Who is Adgp in Chennai?

Inspector-general of police (IGP) K Shankar was promoted as ADGP and posted as ADGP of the state headquarters, IGP A Amalraj was promoted and posted as ADGP of the state operations unit, that is the state commando force, IGP HM Jayaram was promoted and posted as the ADGP of the state social justice and human rights …

Who is best IPS officer in Tamil Nadu?

He is serving as the Director General of Police of Tamil Nadu.

C. Sylendra Babu.

DGP C. Sylendra Babu IPS
Department Tamil Nadu Police Department
Service years 1987-present
Rank Director General of Police