Who is the largest producer of coffee in India?

Most of India’s coffee is grown in the three southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Karnataka accounts for nearly 65 percent of total production with 15 and 20 percent in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, respectively.

Who are the 3 largest producers of coffee in the world?

Main exporters by country

Rank Country 60 kilogram bags
1 Brazil 44,200,000
2 Vietnam 27,500,000
3 Colombia 13,500,000
4 Indonesia 11,000,000

Who drinks the most coffee in India?

South alone consumes nearly 80,538 MT (78%) of total coffee consumed in India. Among the south Indian states Tamil Nadu accounts for 36% of consumption while Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala account for 31%, 18% and 15% respectively.

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