Why is Chennai called artificial port?

Chennai is the oldest artificial harbour on the East Coast of India. … It mainly handles petroleum products, fertilizers, iron-ore and general cargo.An artificial harbour has been created in an area of 80 hectares near the coast. As it has been created by mankind that’s the reason it is known as the Artificial Port.

Is Chennai the oldest artificial port?

Complete answer:

An artificial harbor was created in an area of 80 hectares near the coast due to the unavailability of a natural harbor. This port started as a little fishing village which was called Chenna Patnam back then. It was founded in 1639. … Chennai Port is 3rd oldest port in India.

When was Chennai port built?

Maritime trade started way back in 1639 on the sea shore Chennai. It was an open road -stead and exposed sandy coast till 1815. The initial piers were built in 1861, but the storms of 1868 and 1872 made them inoperative.So an artificial harbour was built and the operations were started in 1881.

Which port is oldest artificial port?

Kolkata Port is the oldest artificial port in India.

Is Chennai a natural Harbour?

Option B: Chennai harbour is one of the most ancient harbour which is situated on easter coast of India. It is not a natural harbour. Chennai harbour is an artificial harbour.

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Can we visit Chennai port?

11) The visitors should assemble at Chennai Port Administrative Office, Opp. Reserve Bank of India, No. 1, Rajaji Salai, Chennai – 600 001. … 13) Chennai Port Trust is not liable for any untoward incident and the respective institutions should ensure safety and security of the visitors during the visit to the Port.

How many ports are in Chennai?

The state of Tamil Nadu has the natural coast line to a length of 992 km, on which there are three major ports and fifteen minor ports situated. The details are as follows. 1. Chennai 1.

How many artificial ports are in India?

India has a total 13 major ports and 200 notified minor and intermediate ports. Ports play vital role in the overall economic development.