You asked: Which air cooler is best for Bangalore summer?

Which air cooler is best in summer?

Best Air Coolers for your Room this Summer

  • Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler Buy Online.
  • Bajaj Tc2007 37-Litre Air Cooler Buy Online.
  • Symphony Touch 35 Tower Air Cooler Buy Online.
  • Aisen 50 L Desert Air Cooler (A50Wmh322 (Vera Plus)) Buy Online.
  • Orient 50 L Desert Air Cooler (CD5003H) Buy Online.

Can we use air cooler in Bangalore?

Air coolers are a convenient and affordable way to deal with warm temperatures. … As for the heat, coolers are perfect for cooling down drier environments like Pune or Bengaluru where the weather isn’t as extreme as other places.

Is air cooler good for summer?

A high performing, energy-efficient air cooler helps you pass through the season of the scorching heat with ease. But, a lot of consumers remain confused about the type of cooler they should pick for a convenient summer season.

Which air cooler is best for humid climate?

Top 5 Best Air Coolers for Humid Climate – Consumer Reports

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Airflow rate Cooling
Honeywell CS10XE 300-412CFM fan and humidifier
Honeywell CL201AE 470-659CFM Humidifier and Ice compartment
Hessaire MC18M 1300CFM high-density grid media pad for cooling
Luma Comfort 500CFM Humidifier and Fan

Is air cooler bad for health?

Why air coolers are good for health

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers use water as their refrigerant instead of the CFC and HFC. Thus, it is safer not only to the environment but also to human health. This natural air cooling is proven to be effective even though it does not rely on harmful chemical coolants.

Which is the best air cooler for Bangalore?

Best Air Coolers In India That Let You Beat The Heat

Air Cooler Capacity Approx Price
Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Cooler 65 Litres Rs 21,500
Orient Electric Smartcool Personal Air Cooler 16 Litres Rs 7,390
Bajaj 54-litres Window Air Cooler 54 Litres Rs 8,990
Symphony Siesta 70 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 70 Litres Rs 11,999

Does air cooler consume more electricity than AC?

Even if we compare electricity consumption, air coolers consume 80-90% less electricity as compared to air conditioners. In the example mentioned above, a 1.5-ton AC would consume about 1.2-1.5 units in an hour, whereas an air cooler would consume just 0.2-0.3 units in an hour.

Which air cooler is best for bedroom?

Best Air Coolers For Small Rooms: To Have Optimum Cooling In Your Space

Air Cooler Capaciy
Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Cooler 36 Litres
Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler 12 Litres
Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room Air Cooler 27 Litres
IBELL COOL25 Personal Air Cooler 25 Litres
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Can air cooler be used in closed room?

You can use your air cooler just like a fan in a closed room by turning off its water pump. If you are thinking of using an air cooler in a closed room then it is advisable that you use it just like a pedestal or table fan. … Due to evaporation the water in liquid form turns into vapor causing cooling.

How do I keep my room cool without AC?

How to stay cool without air conditioning

  1. Take a cold shower or bath.
  2. Use cold washrags on your neck or wrists.
  3. Use box fans.
  4. Close your curtains or blinds.
  5. Sleep in breathable linens.
  6. Sleep in the basement.
  7. Don’t refrigerate or freeze blankets or clothing.
  8. Close the doors of unused rooms.

How do you keep your air cooler in humid weather?

The best place to position your air cooler is right in front of the window. Hotter the air, faster the evaporation and cooler the air blown out by the fan. It’s also important to create good ventilation in the room to push the humidity out. In order to do this, you need to open windows in the room.

Can we use cooler in humid weather?

Window air coolers can be beneficial for humid locations, thus the southern part of India may require these types of coolers for better cooling. These coolers also have a provision of placing them on a trolley for easy mobility. Another type of air cooler that Indians can have is the Desert air cooler.