You asked: Who is Indian horse based on?

Indian Horse
Based on Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese
Produced by Clint Eastwood (exec) Paula Devonshire Trish Dolman Christine Haebler

Is Indian horse autobiographical?

Indian Horse, a severe yet beautiful novel by Ojibway writer Richard Wagamese, concerns Saul Indian Horse, a former hockey star undergoing treatment for alcoholism. … His autobiography is a familiar vehicle for conveying the novel’s plot.

What historical event is Indian horse based on?

The novel centres on Saul Indian Horse, a First Nations boy from Ontario who survives the residential school system and becomes a talented ice hockey player, only for his past to interfere with his life.

Indian Horse.

First edition book cover
Author Richard Wagamese
Genre Drama
Publisher Douglas & McIntyre
Publication date 2012

Who died in Indian horse?

Indian Horse will show twice on anniversary of death of Richard Wagamese. The film based on the award-winning novel by Richard Wagamese is getting a lot of attention at the Kamloops Film Festival, and will now play twice on the one-year anniversary of the author’s death.

What does the horse symbolize in Indian horse?

But it is also a symbol of the demise of his people and their culture, as this passage foreshadows. (The arrival of horses in Indigenous communities in Canada did symbolize the end of an era, since it marked the arrival of European colonizers who wiped out much of Indigenous Canadian society.)

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What does alcohol symbolize in Indian horse?

Like his parents before him, Saul becomes an alcoholic—partly, it’s implied, as a reaction to the tragic turn his life has taken, and to numb the pain of having his dreams taken away from him. … Like many alcoholics, Saul uses drinking as an escape from his sadness.

Who Is Moses in Indian horse?

A counselor who works closely with Saul Indian Horse at the New Dawn Center for alcoholics. Moses encourages Saul to begin writing down his story, which is how Saul begins writing the book in the first place. Father of Saul Indian Horse.

Who brought the first Indian horse to Saul’s people?

Saul recalls how his family earned the name Indian Horse. His great-grandfather, a shaman named Shabogeesick or Slanting Sky, introduced the horse to the Ojibway after bringing one back from another area.

What is the message of Indian horse?

Family and Tradition. Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse takes its title from the protagonist Saul Indian Horse’s family name, so it’s no surprise that family (and the traditions that families preserve) is one of the book’s central themes.