Your question: Will South India get snow in future?

There is a place in South India where it snows. There’s a small village in Andhra Pradesh, Lambasingi, where you can catch a sprinkling of snow. … It is known as the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh, with its valleys and chilling temperatures, Lambasingi is the only place in the southern region that sees snowfall.

Can it ever snow in South India?

That’s right. The beautiful village of Lambasingi in Andhra Pradesh is the only place where it snows in south India.

Why there is no snow in south India?

While winter rain and snow favour Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, snowfall is a completely absent phenomenon for southern hills. … The Western Disturbance, the core reason for snowfall, fails to reach South India and hence the region remains deprived of this white beauty.

Is there any snowfall in Tamil Nadu?

Neelagiri in Tamil Nadu is experiencing the most snowfall. Hundreds of visitors are flocking the area to enjoy the coolness and merrymaking experience. Even though the snowfall gives the immense pleasure to visitors, the farmers are having a terrible time. The plantations and vegetation’s are on the verge of ruin.

Which is the coldest place in South India?


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Kodaikanal is known for being the coldest hill station in South India.

Why Kerala has no snowfall?

While it hasn’t snowed here, the temperatures are low enough to turn due into frost every morning, giving the region a coat of white. In fact, most of Kerala has been experiencing relative low temperatures over the past few weeks.

Does Ooty get snowfall?

Ooty lies on latitude 11.4°N (I misspoke in the video) and is 1271 km away from the equator. It is within the tropical zone. It receives direct sunlight at a high angle, making it hot. Well, it doesn’t snow there!

Does Kodaikanal have snow?

Summerin Kodaikanal extends from March to May or early June when average temperature ranges from 11°c to 20°c. … In the month of January the city even experiences slight snowfall and the temperature considerably drops down at night.

Which is the richest area in Chennai?

Top 10 Most Posh Areas in Chennai (Best Residential Places &…

  • Adyar. Adyar is situated in southern Chennai and is one of Chennai’s largest and most prominent neighborhoods. …
  • Anna Nagar. …
  • Besant Nagar. …
  • Kotturpuram. …
  • Mylapore. …
  • Nungambakkam. …
  • R.A Puram. …
  • Thiruvanmiyur.

Which is the biggest area in Chennai?

The city is coterminous with Chennai district, which together with the adjoining suburbs constitutes the Chennai Metropolitan Area, the 36th-largest urban area in the world by population.


Chennai Madras
Region Coromandel
District Chennai district
Former name Madras
Established 1639