Best answer: Can I open bank account anywhere India?

Can I open bank account any where in India?

1) The finance ministry has now allowed banks to open accounts with current address even if there is a mismatch with the one on Aadhaar card. … The current address rule applies only for opening of bank account and not for any other purpose.

Can I open my bank account in another city?

RBI is yet to come up with guidelines

If you are going to move cities, you will need to submit proof of your new address as validated by your passport, driving licence or voter card, within three months of opening a bank account.

Can I open a bank account in any state?

Yes. You have valid proof of identity and PAN. No bank can deny to open Bank account in the basis that he belongs to another state. Some banks may ask local address proof where you stay in but not every bank.

Can I open a bank account in another country from India?

Yes. RBI permits Indians to open and maintain a bank account overseas. Under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme of the RBI, sending money to your account overseas is a legitimate purpose.

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Is PAN card necessary for bank account?

PAN card is compulsory and is required for doing most financial transactions. The I-T department has made it mandatory to link your bank account with PAN. The main reason for this is that your income tax refunds will be credited directly to your bank account.

Is Aadhaar card enough for opening bank account?

It is not mandatory to furnish Aadhaar to open a bank account at present. In addition to the bank account, Indian residents can use the Aadhaar card as a proof of identity and address for getting a new SIM card as well. The Master Direction on Know Your Customer has been amended by the Reserve Bank of India.

Can I open bank account without any address proof?

Those who do not posses a valid identity or address proof, can still open a bank account known as ‘Small Account’ by submitting recent photograph and signature or thumb impression in the presence of the bank official. Thus, opening of a Small Account does not require any identity or address proof documents.

Can I open a bank account without a permanent address?

In a communication to banks, the regulator said only one address proof – either permanent or current – will be required to open a bank account. In case the address mentioned as per ‘proof of address’ undergoes a change, fresh proof of address has to be submitted to the branch within six months.

Can we open bank account without local address proof?

There is now no requirement of submitting two separate documents for proof of identity and proof of address. If the officially valid document submitted for opening a bank account has both, identity and address of the person, there is no need for submitting any other documentary proof.

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Can I open bank account online?

Opening a bank account online is quick and easy. It can take just minutes and save you a trip to a bank branch. … The top online banks are FDIC-insured and offer higher rates than typical brick-and-mortar banks, and they often charge low or no fees.

Can’t open a bank account anywhere?

Let’s dive into what you should do if you can’t open a bank account.

  1. Find out why you were rejected. When you find out that your bank account application was rejected, it can be upsetting. …
  2. Try a different bank. …
  3. Clear up your ChexSystems report. …
  4. Seek out financial education programs. …
  5. Use alternative products. …
  6. Bottom line.

What do I need to open a bank account?

How to Open a Checking Account

  1. A government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license, state-issued ID or passport. Some banks may require two IDs. …
  2. Date of birth.
  3. Opening balance. …
  4. Physical address. …
  5. Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).