Best answer: How many 50 paise coin will you get for a 2 rupees coin?

Answer:Ideally, two.

How many 50 paise coins will make 2 rupees?

So, two 50 paise coin will make one rupee. There are two 50 paise coin in one rupee. So, 50 paise is half of one rupee. We know that, 100 paise = Re 1 Number of 25 paise in one rupee = 100 ÷ 25 = 4 So, four 25 paise coins will make 1 rupee.

How many 50 paise coins will make?

We know that 1 Rupees is equal to 100 paise. There are 20 coins of 50 paise and 10 rupees.

What is the cost of 50 paise Indian coin?

Old 50 Paise Coins Can Fetch you Rs 1 Lakh Online.

How many rupees is 75 paise?

75 paise = 75/100 rupees = 3/4 of 1 Rupee. Hence, 3/4 is the answer in the fraction, 75% is answer in percentage and 0.75 is the answer in decimals.

How many rupees is 60 paise?

When moving the decimal point to the right in 60 paise,it would be converted into 0.6 rupees.

How many coins of 50 paise will be there in Rs 5?

HEYA!!!! So, 10 coins are required. HOPE IT HELPS!!!!!!

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Is 50 paise coin valid?

Coins of All Denominations are Legal Tender – RBI

It is clarified for the benefit of public that all coins including 25 paise and 50 paise coins are legal tender and will continue to be so. Reluctance on the part of anyone to accept the coins, is, therefore, not correct.

How many 25 paise coins will make 10 rupees?

4×10=40 coins of 25 paisa.

Can I sell 2 rupee coin?

Here’s how to sell this 2-rupee coin on Quickr. – Log on to If you don’t have an account, register yourself on the website. – Interested buyers will contact you directly through the details mentioned on the website.

How do I sell my old coins?

Step 1: Visit the official website which facilitates buyers and sellers to trade directly. Step 3: Click a picture of your coin, and put it for sale on the website. Step 4: Talk to interested buyers who will contact you. If you have a rare coin, then you have the chance to earn a good amount of money.

Are old 2 coins worth anything?

These £2 pieces were released for special occasions and some are rare. For example, a 1989 ‘Claim of Right’ £2 coin had a mintage of 381,400 which makes it the rarest UK £2. However, it was ‘demonetized’ in 1997 when the bi-metal £2 coin was introduced. Examples of this coin can fetch prices of around £30.