Best answer: Is Indian River fresh or saltwater?

The Indian River is not a river at all, but, more precisely, an estuary and a lagoon. It is a place where saltwater (from the ocean) and freshwater (from the mainland) meet to form brackish water. The saltwater comes from the ocean through inlets like the Sebastian Inlet.

Can you swim in the Indian River?

Bacteria warning: Don’t go swimming in Indian River Lagoon at Jaycee Park in Fort Pierce. … Enteric bacteria inhabit the intestinal tract of humans and animals. Potential health risks for people who ingest or come in contact with the water include upset stomach, diarrhea, eye irritation and skin rashes.

What type of estuary is the Indian River Lagoon?

The IRL is a particular type of estuary called a lagoon: a shallow estuary separated from the ocean by barrier islands. Lagoons like the IRL exchange water with the ocean only through inlets. Because of this restricted flow, tides are influential only near inlet areas.

What is the salinity of the Indian River Lagoon?

IRL-SLE, located near the inlet, had the highest salinity, with strong tidal influences, ranging from oceanic salinity of 35, but much lower (sometime less than 15) at low tide.

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Is Indian River Lagoon man made?

The Banana River, Indian River and Mosquito lagoons are bar-built estuaries, formed by ocean waves pushing sand up to form a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the mainland. The shallow coastal lagoons receive water from ocean inlets and freshwater rivers.

Are there sharks in the Indian River?

The Indian River Lagoon is a bull shark nursery, according to the University of Florida. Young bull sharks typically use the area until they are about 9 years old, and then move into an adult habitat offshore, George Burgess, Florida Program for Shark Research director, said in an article.

Why does the Indian River stink?

“The dumping of pollutants into the Indian and Banana rivers may eventually be the cure for the smell, not the cause. The smell comes not from pollution but from rotting seagrass that has washed up on the banks. … The dead seagrass floats to the surface and is blown to shore where it rots.

Does the Indian River Lagoon have a tide?

The tide is currently falling in Indian River Lagoon. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 0.3ft was at 5:00am and the lowest tide of 0.03ft was at 12:06pm.

Why is the Indian River so green?

Algae blooms are turning parts of the Indian River Lagoon green again in Brevard County. Samples taken by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection show there have been several confirmed sites of the harmful algae, known to cause fish kills and poor air quality, during the past two months.

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What’s biting in the Indian River?

You can find snapper, grouper and tarpon as well as the normal species.” In the northern portion of the river, from Titusville to Scotts-moor, redfish are the main draw. Not just any redfish, but big schools of large redfish. These fish have long been targeted and are strictly catch-and-release.