Best answer: What is the price of Air India flight?

Is Air India cheaper than IndiGo?

Air India Express, the wholly-owned subsidiary of state-run carrier Air India has been ranked second and the budget carrier IndiGo placed at fifth position in a Global Flight Pricing Report prepared by Melbourne-based Rome2rio — a multimodal travel planning site.

Who is owner of Air India?

Which is best flight Air India or IndiGo?

IndiGo has better capacity utilisation than Air India, as indicated by the higher PLF. It has also maintained a healthy PLF, above 80 percent, over recent years, while Air India has maintained a PLF of 75–79 percent in the same period. Comparisons across airlines are often based on cost and revenue considerations viz.

Which flight is good Air India or IndiGo?

Air India is most highly rated for Work/life balance and Indigo Airlines is most highly rated for Culture.

Is spicejet better than Air India?

Jet and Air India are both full service airline although Jet has better reliability, imo. Spicejet is a low-cost carrier, but is fairly reliable although I have experienced some issues with their customer service. Jet and Indigo are my preferred domestic airlines in India.

What if luggage is overweight in Air India?

Should your baggage exceed the limitations of the Free Baggage allowance, an excess baggage charge needs to be paid. For Domestic sectors within India, the excess baggage rate is INR 600 plus applicable GST per kg. per coupon including Alliance Air.

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Who is the CEO of Air India 2021?

Just a day before Tata Group is set to bid for Air India, Vistara has announced a change at helm and has appointed Vinod Kannan as the new CEO of the airline.