Best answer: Which is the financial hub of India?

Mumbai is still very much India’s economic capital, retaining stability and resilience amid economic flux with many international financial service conglomerates continuing to build headquarters in the city.

Which city is known as financial city?

Mumbai is the state capital of Maharashtra, India. It’s a densely populated city located on the west coast of the country. Being the financial capital of India, it’s also one of the most famous Indian cities in the world.

Which city is best for finance jobs in India?

Best Cities in India for a Career in Finance and Accounting

  • Delhi. The political capital of the country, Delhi follows suit where finance jobs are galore. …
  • Noida/ Gurgaon. …
  • Bangalore. …
  • Chennai. …
  • Hyderabad.

Which is the biggest financial Centre in the world?

Leading financial centers globally as of March 2021

Characteristic Points on the Global Financial Centres Index
New York 764
London 743
Shanghai 742
Hong Kong 741
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