Can OCI minors travel to India with old passport?

OCI cardholders are permitted to enter, work and reside in India indefinitely. Previously, travelers whose OCI cards showed an expired passport number were required to travel with both their expired passport and current passport. OCI Cardholders are now allowed to travel with just their OCI card and current passport.

Can a minor travel with old OCI and new passport?

3. The requirement of carrying old and new passports, along with the OCI card, has been done away with. Henceforth, an OCI cardholder traveling on the strength of existing OCI card bearing old passport number is not required to carry the old passport.

Do I need to change my OCI if I renew my passport?

Re-issuance of OCI is mandatory every time passport is renewed up to the age of 20 years, and once on acquiring a new passport, after completing 50 years of age, in view of frequent biological changes in facial features in this age group.

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Do you need old passport for OCI?

As per existing instructions the Overseas Citizen of India Cardholder registration is required to be got re-issued each time a new passport is issued up to the age of 20 years and once after completing 50 years of age in view of biological changes in the face of the OCI cardholder.

Can we travel with expired passport to India?

You will not be allowed to travel to India with an expired US passport (or expired passport of any country other than India) unless you have alternative unexpired documentation (such as a OCI card) that would create a reasonable expectation that you will be admissible upon arrival in India.

What happens if OCI is not renewed?

In case OCI card holders below 20 or above 50 years forget to carry or fail to produce their old cancelled passport while traveling to India, they will be denied boarding. … The extended deadline is a welcome relief as long as they possess the old cancelled passport.

Does OCI need to be renewed for minor?

Most Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders are no longer required to have their OCI cards re-issued each time they obtain a new passport.

How do I change OCI to new passport?

If your passport or the OCI booklet is lost then you need to apply for re-issue of a new OCI card. In this case, you would need to produce a) Copy of old passport, copy of new passport, and copy of OCI booklet. Originals of the documents in possession (not lost) are also required along with the copies.

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What are the disadvantages of OCI card?

The OCI card benefits refer to the rights you gain, like working, living, and entering India as many times as you want. One of the major drawbacks is that you must surrender your Indian passport as India doesn’t accept dual citizenship. Still, this is a chance for Indians living and working abroad.

How much does it cost to renew OCI card?

Fees for OCI Card

Service Consular Fee Total
New OCI card (Adult/Minor) $275.00 $295.00
Re-issue in case of Lost /Damaged OCI card $100.00 $120.00
OCI Re-issue for new passport $25.00 $45.00
Renunciation of OCI $25.00 $45.00

Can OCI travel to India now?

The OCI card is issued to people of Indian origin globally which gives them almost all the privileges of an Indian national except for the right to vote, government service and buying agricultural land. …

Can I travel while OCI is in process?

Yes. If you have any emergency travel plan, you can travel with your current OCI card, current passport and old passport associated with OCI.

Can OCI holder live permanently in India?

OCI cardholders do not need a visa to visit, live or work in India.

What if my Indian passport expires while I am abroad?

What do I do if I lose my passport? A: Loss of passport should be immediately reported to the nearest Police Station and to the Passport Office or Indian Mission, if abroad. If required, you can apply for “Re-issue” of passport.

What if my passport expires while I am abroad?

Answer: You can renew your passport whenever you wish. However, you will lose the remaining validity in it. … If your passport will expire while you are away due to an extended stay, you can renew your passport at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate general. Return to Getting US Passport Abroad FAQ.

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Can I travel to India from UK with expired passport?

You enter India on your new passport and have no reason to show them the expired one. If it’s an Indian passport, that’s all you need. If it’s a British passport, on the other hand, you need an e-visa to visit India, but I doubt that “indefinite leave to remain in the UK” is a condition for obtaining this..