Can we buy SIM online in India?

In order to purchase a SIM card, customers just have to follow a simple process. Users just have to log on to Amazon and place an order for the new SIM card. After this, Airtel or Vodafone executive will make an appointment with the user and then visit them to deliver the SIM card.

Can I buy SIM card online in India?

Now buy a new airtel prepaid connection online from the comfort of your home. Just select a plan and confirm quick details for scheduling doorstep sim delivery & KYC. Keep valid Proof of Identity/Proof of Address handy to share with executive. Alternatively you can visit any of our nearest stores to complete KYC.

Is it safe to buy SIM card online?

Your data is as safe as your SIM is. Purchasing goods online using your cards is even easier. … The code you use to unlock the home screen of your smartphone wouldn’t even be of use either: it is enough to insert your SIM card into another device and receive the messages that were intended for you.

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How can I get a SIM card in India?

For Indian citizens, the process to get a new SIM card is easy enough, if you have an Aadhaar card.

  1. Take your Aadhaar card to the telecom operator’s store. …
  2. The store personnel will key in your Aadhaar number and ask you to authenticate your identity via your fingerprints.

Is Jio SIM home delivery free?

Get your Jio SIM home-delivered for FREE.

Is Airtel 4G sim free?

Under the initiative, Airtel customers on 2G/3G mobile devices will be eligible for 30 GB data FREE data when they upgrade to a 4G smartphone. Prepaid customers will get FREE 1 GB data every day for 30 days over and above any pack they charge with.

How do I get a new SIM online?

* Head over to, hover on ‘Prepaid’ and then click on ‘New Prepaid SIM’. * Select an FRC (First Recharge Coupon) plan and enter your details. Along with the option, if you want to port a number or get a new connection. * Click submit and you are done.

Which SIM card is most used in India?

The Best Prepaid SIM Cards for India in 2021

  • What Are The Top SIM Cards Offers for India?
  • Best Mobile Networks in India.
  • SimOptions – Prepaid SIM Cards for India.
  • Vodafone – SIM Card Deals for India.
  • Jio – Pay As You Go SIM Cards for India.
  • Airtel – One of The Best Mobile Network Providers in India.

Can a 16 year old get a SIM card?

It only gets worse if you are below 18 years old since 18 years is the legal age for any citizen to be eligible to purchase a SIM card in India.

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Can I get Sim without Aadhar card?

Since foreign nationals do not have an Aadhaar card, they will have to fill a different set of documents. They will have to fill a paper form to get a SIM card of Airtel, Vodafone and Jio as they do not have an Aadhaar card for identity verification.

What is the cost of Airtel SIM card?

An Airtel SIM card costs ₹50-100, some vendors may charge more. The SIM can be technically obtained free from an Airtel store but you have to pay the First Recharge (FRC) price. Swapping a 3G SIM to a 4G SIM is free. SIM replacements cost ₹25 at the Airtel store.

Which is the first SIM card in India?

Launched India’s first mobile telecom service in 1995. In 1995, a few months after mobile telephony was opened up to private participation, Essar became the first company to start GSM operations in Delhi under the brand name, Essar Cellphones.

How much is Jio SIM home delivery?

All you need to do to geta Jio SIM card

Submit your Aadhar Card number to Reliance Jio executive when he arrives at your doorstep with the eKYC device. You will also need to pay the money for the plan chosen to the Jio executive the home delivery is free of cost.

Which Sim is best Jio or Airtel?

Now, unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS per day is offered by all the companies, so the main issue comes down to how much data you need. Since Airtel gives you 5GB of data more than Jio and Vodafone, and if you need at least 1GB of data per day, the Airtel plan is better for you.

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What is the price of Jio SIM card?

Getting a Jio SIM is completely free.