Frequent question: Which hill station is near Mumbai?

Lonavla is the most popular hill station near Mumbai and it is mostly due its close proximity to the city. The landscape is beautiful and there are forts to see, caves to explore and temples to visit. This small hill station actually attracts tourists from all over India but mostly from Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Which of the following areas in Mumbai has a hill?

Matheran (81 km)

Matheran, one of the closest hill stations to Mumbai, is the one to throng if you are looking for some peace and tranquility away from a fast-paced city. This beautiful hill station is an entirely pollution-free zone and also one of the very few places in Asia that do not allow any vehicle.

Is Mumbai a hill station?

Most of the hill stations around Mumbai like Panchgani, Lonavala, Matheran, and Malshej Ghat also double up as an adventure world due to the presence of activities like trekking, nature walking, bird watching, and camping. These hill stations also have several historical forts that add an old-world charm.

Which hill is located in the Mumbai city and not in Mumbai suburbs?

Not to be confused with the suburb of Mumbai, Amboli is a hill station near Mumbai situated in the south of Maharashtra. It is known for receiving the highest amount of rainfall in Maharashtra and has a pleasant climate throughout the year.

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Is Pune a hilly area?

Hill stations near Pune in the Western Ghats are home to the most scenic and spectacularly brilliant hill retreats in India. The rolling green slopes of the district are strewn with brooks and water cascades that can energize even the most discerning traveler.