Frequent question: Which is the best coconut tree in India?

Which is the best coconut tree in Kerala?


  • Kalpa Raksha. This is a semi tall variety with sweet tender nut water and with higher resistance to root (wilt) disease of coconut. …
  • Chowghat Orange Dwarf. …
  • Kalpa Sree. …
  • Kalpa Jyothi. …
  • Kalpa Surya. …
  • Kalpa Sreshta (MYD x TPT) …
  • Chandra Sankara (COD x WCT) …
  • Kera Sankara (WCT X COD)

What is the fastest growing coconut tree?

The coconut palm is considered the “Tree of Life”. With over 34 years of experience and research in coconut hybridization, Deejay today produces the fastest and highest yielding coconut trees on earth.

Which city is famous for coconut in India?

MADDUR: This small town, 80 km from Bangalore en route to Mysore, is best known for its vadas. But what most people don’t know is that it is India’s tender coconut capital.

Where is coconut found mostly?

The same South Indian region consumes the most of the Coconuts. Also Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, Gujarat, Puducherry and Goa; and the island territories of Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar are other areas of coconut production.

What is the best fertilizer for coconut trees?

Nutrient Management :: Coconut. From 5th year onwards, apply 50 kg of FYM or compost or green manure. 1.3 kg urea (560 g N), 2.0 kg super phosphate (320 g P2O5) and 2.0 kg muriate of potash (1200 g K2O) in two equal splits during June – July and December – January.

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Are there coconut trees in India?

Coconut trees are no longer considered trees in the tropical Indian state of Goa, where authorities have reclassified them as palms to allow farmers to cut them down more easily.

What is the lifespan of a coconut tree?

Botanically Speaking

With a life span of 60-80 years, it is considered a “three-generation tree” as it can support a farmer, his children, and his grandchildren. The tree is slow to mature, bearing coconuts in six to 10 years.

What can I grow under coconut tree?

The following crops are recommended as intercrops.

  • Cereals: Rice, maize.
  • Legumes and pulses: Groundnut, horse gram, cowpea.
  • Tubers: Tapioca, sweet potato, yams, colocasia.
  • Spices and condiments: Ginger, turmeric, chilly, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove.
  • Fruit plants: Banana, pineapple, papaya. …
  • Beverage crop: Cocoa.