How are plains important for India’s economy?

Northern plains are important for indian economy . Why? Alluvial deposits in plains makes the land very fertile which is the reason that they are most suitable for growing crops. The Ganga, the Indus and the Brahmaputra along with their branches provide continuous water supply in these regions.

How are plains important for country’s economy?

Answer: These fertile land are used for agriculture. On the other hand, plains are also used for building factories and other things. Plains are flat therefore can be used for human settlement All these things together are very important for a country’s economic and thus plains are important for economy of a country.

How are plains useful in India?

Most of the people settle in the plain regions as flat land is available for transport, and for the building of houses, buildings, railways etc. Since, they are formed due to the action of rivers; water is available for agricultural purposes. In India, the Indo Gangetic plains are thickly populated.

Why are the Northern plains important for India?

Importance of Northern Plains :

The fertile soil and assured water resources have made these plains a rich agricultural land. These plains are the granaries of India. 3. The plains have a good network of roads and railways which has led to large scale industrialization of the region.

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Why are the Northern plains the most productive physiographic region of India?

The northern plains of India are the most productive since they have the fertile alluvial soil which supports plant life greatly and also most of the perennial rivers of India are located in the northern part of the country .

How are plains and coastal areas important for country’s economy?

Coastal plains also provide economic activities like mining, fishing, salt farming, shipbuilding, metallurgy, manufacturing, etc. India has Exclusive Economic Zones of over 2.3 million sq meters that provide access to marine resources and boost international trade.

How are plains useful to us?

Plains are useful because due to their flat topography, they support agriculture and farming, which are essential to support a human population. Also, it is easy in the plains to setup industries and develop means of transport and communication.

What are the advantages of plains?

Advantages of plain landforms:

  • Transportation is easier in plain landforms.
  • Harvesting is lot more easier in the plain landforms.
  • The plain landforms are the most fertile landforms.
  • The plain landforms the most suitable living place for humans.

What are the advantages of Northern plains?

Advantages of Northern plains are: i) The plains present in the north have a long growing season. iiI)The high density of population help in development of industries. iv)The terrain is suitable for irrigation and thus has a better agricultural prospect.

Why are the northern plains so important for Indian economy?

The fertile alluvial soil together with better climate and ample water make agriculture a fruitful occupation in the northern plains. … Since agriculture is the backbone of the country and the northern plains contribute a major portion of yields, they are very important for the growth of the Indian economy.

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