How can I get bus pass in Bangalore?

you can get BMTC bus pass from any of the bus stations in Bangalore. When you arrive at any of the nearest bus stations you have to fill up the bus pass form along with all the necessary documents and submit it to the counter.

Where can I get a bus pass in Bangalore?

BMTC Passes Details

BMTC Passes Details
Day Pass (Any Photo ID)
1 Ordinary Weekly Pass
Monthly Pass( BMTC ID)
These passes are issued through BMTC bus stand counters , Franchisee counters, 86 Bangalore one centers and with BMTC bus Conductors.

How can I get monthly bus pass in Bangalore?

Process flow (with ideal number of days indicated for each process)

  1. Carry a stamp size photo of yours.
  2. Go to Majestic Bus stand(It is also possible to get this done from Shantinagar from 1st to 6th of every month)
  3. Go to the bus pass counter, pay 1450 (For monthly pass) + 100 (for BMTC identity card)
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How can I get annual bus pass in Bangalore?

How to get BMTC Passes and BMTC ID: New passes will be available with the Conductor/Driver of the bus and at all bus stations and big stops in Bangalore from the 28th to the 5th of every month. The BMTC ID can be procured from Majestic (KBS) and Shivajinagar Bus Stations from the pass issuance counters.

How can I get bus pass online in Bangalore?

Type: PU Board – Apply Directly through e-Form of BMTC

  1. Dial 161 in mobile.
  2. Select Kannada or English language.
  3. Select 6 for BMTC services.
  4. Select 2 for Student passes.
  5. Student pass application will be sent to the student’s mobile through weblink.

Can we use old bus pass in Bangalore?

The Corporation, in a release, stated that it has received 76,700 online applications from SSLC and PUC students. … The Corporation claims to have issued 21,600 smart cards to students at 50 counters opened at 15 locations across the city.

How can I get student bus pass in Bangalore?

Student Pass Online Application

  1. Student Bus Pass Application Format(up to 10th standard)
  2. Student Pass Brief Note.
  3. BangaloreOne Counters List. BangaloreOne Counters Map Location.
  4. Student Pass Rate and Validity.
  5. Nodal Officer Appointment Format. Institution request edit format.
  6. User Manual for Institution registration and edit.

What is the fare of BMTC bus in Bangalore?

BMTC Bus Fare

Fare Stage Number Adult Senior Citizen
1 5.00 4.00
2 9.00 7.00
3 12.00 9.00
4 15.00 11.00

How do I check the status of my bus pass?

Track bmtc bus pass status

  1. Visit official website of BMTC
  2. On home page click on student pass tab.
  3. After that on new page you will get check bmtc bus pass status option click on that option.
  4. It will ask your application number.
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How can students get BMTC bus pass?

Visit BMTC Bus website. Click on “Student Pass” tab.

Choosing any of the option under “Apply For New Student Pass”.

  1. Enter SAT/PU enrolment number or admission numbers for non state board students and others. ( …
  2. Enter details of caste/school/ standard/ college year etc.

How much does a BMTC bus cost?

The minimum charge for a ticket to travel up to 2 kilometres is now set at Rs 5, while the same will be Rs 10 to travel up to 4 kilometres. Further, the new fare chart indicates Rs 15 will be charged to travel a distance of 5 to 6 kilometres, while the maximum fare (above 41 kilometres) will be Rs 30.

Where can I get BMTC bus pass?

ID card is valid for 4 years. Monthly pass issuing counters are issued at Kempegowda Bus Station, M.S. Building, KHB Colony, Rajajinagar 1st block, BTM Layout, Shivaji Nagar, Malleshwaram, Basaveshwaranagar, Kamalanagar, NR Colony, BIAL Airport and Nandini Layout.

How can I get bus pass in Karnataka?

I. Monthly Passes

These passes are issued at all bus stations. The Monthly passes are valid for travel along with Identity card issued by KSRTC. Photo-Identity cards valid for one year are issued by KSRTC by collecting Rs. 50/- per card.

What is the last date for BMTC bus pass 2021?

BENGALURU: The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) will extend the validity of ordinary monthly passes of April 2021 till July 8. While transport employees went on an indefinite strike from April 7 to 21, the government announced a lockdown from April 27 due to Covid-19.

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Can I get BMTC bus pass online?

BMTC Monthly Pass Details

BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) has been made online in the last year, and people benefit from it. This is the first time when a BMTC pass is available online. It includes all route passes, Airport route, Bangalore to airport route, and the Bangalore city route.

How can I get BMTC bus pass online?

Step by Step Guide to Apply for BMTC Bus Pass @

  1. Click on the Student Bus Pass 2021 on the Home Page.
  2. It then redirects the online user to the following page.
  3. Click on the Apply for New Student Pass.